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1.What is your natural hair colour? 
Mousey brown/blonde.

2.What colour is your hair currently?
It's darker blonde colour (with brownly roots going on)

3.What hair colour would you love to have?
Very light blonde 

4.What is your everyday hair style?
I usually have it straight, I like to braid my fringe a lot 

5.How often do you dye your hair?

I usually only get it done twice a year as my just doesn't grow. 

6.Is there a hair style you would love to have, but can't do?
I would love it long and curly but it just won't grow :( 

7.Honestly, how often do you visit the hairdressers?
Hardly ever ! My mum used to be a hair dresser so she cuts it for me and then I will go to hair dressers to get it dyed. (I haven't been since beginning of the year.)

8.What's the worst hair style you ever had?
When I was younger I dyed my hair every possible colour and I liked them all :D prob a full fringe :|

9.Any hair disasters?
Again when I had my full fringe, as my mum cuts it she did it and i hated it and blamed her :(

10.What are the biggest things you've learned about hair care?

My mum always used to tell me off for straightening all the time and blow drying wrong so if i have time I will blow dry correctly and I try to only straighten my hair now and again. 

11.Any shampoos and conditioners you swear by?
My favourite has got to be John freda ! I love the blonde ones or just the repair ones. I never used to be that bothered but I love using them now.  

12.Anything you regret?
Not really cause it was probably what I wanted at the time or in Fashion. 

13.How do you keep your hair happy and healthy?
Just making sure you don't go over board on products as it makes my hair greasy, don't allllways use heat on it and condition just the ends :)

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