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Last week I was invited to be a student blogger for the Manchester Arndale student lock in. I went to the event last year and the year before and really enjoyed it so I was very excited when I was contacted by them. This year it seemed bigger and better than ever with so many different things happening and of course lots of discounts ! Students who signed up before hand received a £5 voucher to spend in any way they wanted and lots of store where doing giveaways and free goodie bags etc.

Me and Amy from decided before hand to meet up and go around together so we grabbed a Starbucks and chilled before it all kicked off and then went and met Helen (The Arndales very own PR whiz) and she kindly gave us a voucher to spend in any store we wanted ! 

Firstly me an Amy went to Lush as she wanted a new face mask, we where told by the lovely staff that if you bought any one product you would then receive an extra two free products at the till point and you could make your own bath bomb ! We jumped on this as it seemed really good fun. Obviously the lush store isn't the biggest or the easiest to move around and it was getting extremely busy and people began to queue out the door ! We bought our items and made our bath bomb which smelt amazing but I managed to get very messy. 
We then headed to top shop and that was equally as busy! There was people grabbing as much as they could and queuing up to receive their 20% off! The floor was already covered in hangers and dropped items and it had only been offering the discount for half an hour, I dread to think the state by 8pm! I picked up a top and some riding pants (but then returned them the next day as they didn't suit me).

After that we had a look around super drug and Boots but then had to make my way to Harvey Nichols (slight fiasco ended up in the staff entrance :|) They also had discounts and a beat the buyer competition where you could style the models and the best outfit won tickets to the HN catwalk show. 

We where kindly given a goodie bag as we left and headed to House of Fraser to meet the one and only Millie Mackintosh as she has released a clothing line (which is beautiful). She was sooo lovely and said she liked my phone case (99p Ebay bargain) and I said I liked her dress (£90 as part of her collection). She gave us a little signed photo and we got a picture taken with her, - I look horrific in mine! After a lllll that fun I was sooo tiered and could not wait to climb in to bed. 

I had a really fun time, thank you for inviting me Arndale and Manchester Bid !


  1. That sounds like so much fun. I went along and took my cousin to Cath Kidston for her discount, then we went to Nandos for tea ha!

    Anoushka xx xx

  2. OMG I am soooooo jealous you met millie mack she is my ultimate style crush!!! I literally found out she was there as soon as she left! TYPICAL!

    From one fellow mancheser blogger to another :)

    Strawberry Shortcake | Style Blog


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