September 2014 | Monthly empties

I know its half way through October now but I completely forgot about me hoarding a bag of empty products! Because I'm living with my boyfriend at his parents house currently I don't actually have a lot of room for all my belongings and i don't want to fill their house with alll my stuff so I have left quiet a bit back at my parents (in Hull) so I think because I don't have a lot of choice in products I'm using things up quicker which is kind of a good thing as I find it very satisfying knowing I have got the end of something - Just me? 
Any way on to the actual post I have a few bits a pieces here so I thought I would do mini reviews about each item. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo // Monochrome 
A staple in every girls life. We know this is a fab product and it is something I religiously buy. I use maybe around one a month? and I always have a spare !! For some reason at the moment (maybe due to my new hair cut) I have to wash my hair daily to make it look nice but this is good for in-between days cause I don't like to wash it every day , plus i don't have the time !! Love using it and love the scent of this one, would highly recommend :)

Dove Body wash // Silk Glow 
I found this in a cupboard at my mums house and decided to use it. I am really not fussy about body wash. I love soap and glory but I tend to just buy what ever is one offer really. I do like this Dove one but I prefer a fruity fragrance compared to something like this which is more creamy. 

Boots shower gel / Mango & Orange Blossom 
I love this one from Boots! I had it once for a holiday and really enjoyed it, as I said I like the fruity fragrance. This one smells so so good and its only around £1.20 or something. I also like the fact it has a little hook, its quiet handy. If you ever spot it in Boots you should defiantly try it out.

Loréal face scrub // Skin perfection exfoliator
This is a lovely everyday gentle exfoliator. I am a big fan of the Loréal skin care as I feel it works really well for me. This one smells nice and fresh and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean - which is important! Its not too pricey and lasts quiet a while, I am defiantly going to re-buy once I have used up some of my other scrubs. 

These products are all minis I was going to put them in a sample sunday but decided to just pop them here instead :) 

Liz Earle tonic // Instant Boost Skin tonic 
I picked this up in a blog sale as I hadn't tried any Liz Earle products and I thought it would be a good opportunity to try for cheap. I really enjoyed using this it made my skin feel very clean and fresh! I have recently bought the Liz Earle Cleanser and I am enjoying that too so I feel like I will venture in to more of this range. 

John Frieda Blow dry spray // Luxurious volume fine to full 
I have had this mini for sooo long! It seems to have lasted me ages. I really like using it and loved the way it left my hair feeling thicker. I would buy this however I feel the full price product is a bit pricey (around £6) and there are cheaper alternatives that are just as good. If I had more disposable income at the moment I think I would have repurchased straight away. Maybe I shall wait for an offer ;)

REN night cream // Frankincense Revitalising cream
I  LOVE this night cream. I wake up with such soft fresh skin I would love to buy the full size. Again its rather expensive so it may have to go on my christmas list or something. I would really recommend though as it really is a great product. 

I hope you liked my mini reviews and possibly inspired some future buying desisions! What are you loving lately?

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