Iv had the chop! | More about Hair!!

I know I have only just written up my hair care tag butttt this weekend I had all my hair chopped off ! I wrote the tag before I made the decision to get it cut and I didn't want to change my answers so I thought I should make a separate little post. Its not very often I write about hair but I may do a post about what hair care products I use as I do have a few favourites. 

ANY WAY.. I have been thinking about having my hair cut off for a while because I thought my previous hair style was sooo boring. It had nothing to it and always just looked a mess so whilst I was visiting home at the weekend I asked my mum to do it (She used to be a hair dresser. Its now about chin length I did want it to be about an inch longer but its now all one length and looks very thick and healthy ! I am still getting used to it but I do quiet like it. Its different and I like the fact I have to make the effort as I now cannot just tie it in a pony-tail on my head !! I have to dry it properly and straighten it. I think it looks nice and smart :). 
What do you think?

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