Hull Fair 2014 | Hull Events

Last Weekend I went back home to visit the famous Hull Fair ! It is Europe's largest travelling fair and it is the hi-light of Hull's social calendar. Once a year it arrives on Walton Street car park and is open to the public for a week of crazy rides and yummy food.  I haven't been whilst at university so me and Darren decided to go back as we had the weekend free. I was sooo excited, we went with my mum, dad, my brother and his girlfriend. We walked around first and went on one or two rides but then my family decided to leave so we got some food! The only and only patty-butty (its a Hull thing) and chips from Bob carvers ! It Fair tradition to have it, there always a huge queue but its worth the wait !! We then went on more rides and walked up the long row of vans and stalls selling amazing sweets (And spent about £20 on them) Candy floss, brandy snap, whips and astro belts and not forgetting fudge !! Yummmmmy :D. I had such good fun and brought back a lot of childhood memories. I hope we can keep going every year :)
Who has been to Hull Fair ??


  1. Damm your post made me really want a patty I can't wait to go home now so I can have one.

  2. Hi Alex

    Just testing!!

    Mars xx


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