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OH MY GOD I am finally in my last year of uni and I have to begin the biggest project I have ever done .. my dissertation ! 
I feel like iv not really thought that this time would ever come and thought ahhh it will all be fine but its now here and time to get started. I am so overwhelmed by just thinking about where to start. I know once I'm on with it I will be fine but what do I do? Whats my focus? Where do I actually start!? 

So best place to start was thinking about a subject I'm passionate about.. Blogging / Shopping / clothes / PR / Adverts / Magazine / consumer behaviour ...? Theres lots of different options, and from those points I could expand in to so many more!

I thought I was going to focus on magazines and how I feel people are moving more towards reading online rather than buying print, people like interaction and fast response. However after seeing my dissertation tutor today I'm back to the beginning of all my areas again! My tutor put loads of questions in my head and said I should use blogging and even my blog AND even suggested to start 'vlogging' oh dear goodness the thought of that scares me half to death

My new thoughts are maybe go in to how the blogging community influences purchase habits and linking this with buying behaviour. I can defiantly put my hand up and say the likes of Zoella, Essie Button and Tanya Burr have said 'this product is amazing' and I have gone out and bought it ! I trust them and I feel like if they mention it then it must be good. I always want the most hyped product of the moment and I am sure theres many or people like me. So this is my new kind of starting point.
So I better get reading ...

I know this isn't my usual type of post but I thought I would share. I hope you like this as I would like to write more about it in the duration of my dissertation - as I may be needing some blogger feedback! and you never know I might even do some blogging?

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