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I have quiet a few favourite reads at the moment and I haven't done a post like this in a while so I thought I would :)

Rebbecca at
I love this blog so much, she posts daily and I always make sure I read. She posts really helpful things about blogging, reviews hauls etc. She seems a lovely down to earth girl and I feel she should be hyped about more !

Kate at
Slightly biased as I love Kate as a person but I genuinely love her posts! She's really honest and I love it. I seem to read it in my head in her voice !! But I can really imagine her ranting on about it. 

Amy at
Again I think Amy is so lovely in person but I truly love her posts. The photos are perfect as well as the writing. She blogs about events, OOTD's, reviews etc I really enjoy reading them. 

Cat at
Another lovely girl with beautiful outfit posts. I loveeee her blog design (She does them herself) and I am very jealous of how amazing and generally just comfortable she looks in photos. Deffinatly worth a read for outfit inspo. 

Hayley at
Two words wittering wednesday ! The best, honest, down to earth posts you will ever read and also sometimes very amusing ! You can see her strong personality through out all her posts, and such a amazing person too :)

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