Brows | Top 5 Beauty Picks #4

Name: Professional Eye Brow Pencil
Brand: Rimmel
Price: £2.99
Where can I buy this?: Boots, super drug online:here
Likes: Super cheap product and the perfect colour for me. come with the little brush on the lid that is always handy!
Dislikes: I don't think there is anything I don't like about this product! 
Rating: 5/5

Name: Gimme Brow 
Brand: Benefit
Price: £17.50
Where can I buy this?: Boots, Debenhams, Selfridges etc. Or online here!
Likes: This product works well for me as it add 'little hairs' on to your brows and mine can be quiet sparse at the start (does that make sense) so it fills them in quiet well.
Dislikes: Its very pricey for what it is! I don't think I will re buy. Its only a small product and you have to use it over the top of  a pencil.
Rating: 2.5/5

Name: Clear mascara
Brand: Natural Collection
Price: £1.99
Where can I buy this?: Boots
Likes: A great cheap product that will set your brows after pencilling them in. I like to use for a natural makeup look.
Dislikes: Nothing I particularly dislike about this as its just a basic product and it is used just for a natural look.
Rating: 4/5

Name: DIOR SOURCILS POUDRE Powder Eyebrow Pencil with Brush
Brand: Dior
Price: £18.50
Where can I buy this?: Boots, Debenhams, Selfridges etc. Or online
Likes: I like that this comes with the spoolie thing on the end and comes with a sharpener which it always handy. You can use it quiet heavy for a darker 'Night out' brow but also lighter for a nice day time look. I love the colour and enjoy using it. It has lasted me quiet a while so far.
Dislikes: Theres nothing really I don't like really. Obviously it is very pricey but I think its worth it and I would buy it again.
Rating: 5/5

Name: Eyebrow pencil
Brand: & Other stories
Price: £6
Where can I buy this?: & other stories stores and online
Likes: I have a bit of a love hate with this, sometimes it works really well for me: I like the colour, it looks natural and its a cheap product..
Dislikes: However some times when I apply it, it can look fake and sought of greasy! and then when I brush through them it looks even worse so Im not sure what I do wrong?

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Jumpers under £10 | Ebay Wishlist #7

Ebay wish list | Jumpers

Top row Left - Right 
1. Black Jumper Dress
2. Beige oversized
3. Thin cut out sleeves
Bottom rom Left - Right 
4. Grey and creme
5.Mustard layered
6. Chunky grey Knit

Im loving jumpers at the moment, there are some amazing bargains on Ebay! All these are under £10 make sure you grab a bargain for your Autumn fashion essentials.

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Dissertation?!?! | University Life

OH MY GOD I am finally in my last year of uni and I have to begin the biggest project I have ever done .. my dissertation ! 
I feel like iv not really thought that this time would ever come and thought ahhh it will all be fine but its now here and time to get started. I am so overwhelmed by just thinking about where to start. I know once I'm on with it I will be fine but what do I do? Whats my focus? Where do I actually start!? 

So best place to start was thinking about a subject I'm passionate about.. Blogging / Shopping / clothes / PR / Adverts / Magazine / consumer behaviour ...? Theres lots of different options, and from those points I could expand in to so many more!

I thought I was going to focus on magazines and how I feel people are moving more towards reading online rather than buying print, people like interaction and fast response. However after seeing my dissertation tutor today I'm back to the beginning of all my areas again! My tutor put loads of questions in my head and said I should use blogging and even my blog AND even suggested to start 'vlogging' oh dear goodness the thought of that scares me half to death

My new thoughts are maybe go in to how the blogging community influences purchase habits and linking this with buying behaviour. I can defiantly put my hand up and say the likes of Zoella, Essie Button and Tanya Burr have said 'this product is amazing' and I have gone out and bought it ! I trust them and I feel like if they mention it then it must be good. I always want the most hyped product of the moment and I am sure theres many or people like me. So this is my new kind of starting point.
So I better get reading ...

I know this isn't my usual type of post but I thought I would share. I hope you like this as I would like to write more about it in the duration of my dissertation - as I may be needing some blogger feedback! and you never know I might even do some blogging?

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The sisterhood of the world bloggers | Tag

My Favourite lady Kate at nominated me for this tag! Thanksss :). You are supposed to answer the questions given to you, create your own and tag 10 other bloggers however Kate has nominated all my bloggy pals and I would know who to choose so Im just going to answer her Questions instead :)

1. If you were only allowed to use one item of make up for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Why only 1.. thats not cool :( well if I had perfect skin then probably just mascara - but then I guess I could just go get my lashes tinted? hmmm okay I'm going for bronzer to add some colour which i could also use for contour and eyeshadow ;)

2. What would be your last meal?
Oohhh Sweet & Sour chicken with half rice and half chips (and peaking duck wraps for started!) Or something fishy or cheesy :)

3. Is your cup half full or half empty?
Half Full !

4. Heels, flats or boots?
Kate why are all your questions about choosing .. I can not cope :| 
At the moment I would choose flat ankle boots

5. What book/tv show/movie would you like to be a character in?
100% in 90210 !! OMG I wish that was my life, sunshine and shopping 

6.  What smell(s) take you back to your childhood?
The smell of Hull fair !

7. What are you afraid of?
What am I not afraid of ...
Spiders, birds, flying bugs, mannequins, Jelly babies, static electricity, 
I could go on !

8.  What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
My mums christmas dinner and all the lead up events like going to the pantomime, shopping, christmas markets !

9. Would you ever take up blogging as a full time career?
Possibly but I would like to do it for a company instead of my own blog :)

10. What is your favourite high street store and why?
Selfridges, is that cheating? its on my high street hahaa. I think I would say TopShop if not cause I tend to always like things there.

Please all do this tag if you wish :) 
Leave me your links so I can check it out !!

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September 2014 | Monthly empties

I know its half way through October now but I completely forgot about me hoarding a bag of empty products! Because I'm living with my boyfriend at his parents house currently I don't actually have a lot of room for all my belongings and i don't want to fill their house with alll my stuff so I have left quiet a bit back at my parents (in Hull) so I think because I don't have a lot of choice in products I'm using things up quicker which is kind of a good thing as I find it very satisfying knowing I have got the end of something - Just me? 
Any way on to the actual post I have a few bits a pieces here so I thought I would do mini reviews about each item. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo // Monochrome 
A staple in every girls life. We know this is a fab product and it is something I religiously buy. I use maybe around one a month? and I always have a spare !! For some reason at the moment (maybe due to my new hair cut) I have to wash my hair daily to make it look nice but this is good for in-between days cause I don't like to wash it every day , plus i don't have the time !! Love using it and love the scent of this one, would highly recommend :)

Dove Body wash // Silk Glow 
I found this in a cupboard at my mums house and decided to use it. I am really not fussy about body wash. I love soap and glory but I tend to just buy what ever is one offer really. I do like this Dove one but I prefer a fruity fragrance compared to something like this which is more creamy. 

Boots shower gel / Mango & Orange Blossom 
I love this one from Boots! I had it once for a holiday and really enjoyed it, as I said I like the fruity fragrance. This one smells so so good and its only around £1.20 or something. I also like the fact it has a little hook, its quiet handy. If you ever spot it in Boots you should defiantly try it out.

Loréal face scrub // Skin perfection exfoliator
This is a lovely everyday gentle exfoliator. I am a big fan of the Loréal skin care as I feel it works really well for me. This one smells nice and fresh and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean - which is important! Its not too pricey and lasts quiet a while, I am defiantly going to re-buy once I have used up some of my other scrubs. 

These products are all minis I was going to put them in a sample sunday but decided to just pop them here instead :) 

Liz Earle tonic // Instant Boost Skin tonic 
I picked this up in a blog sale as I hadn't tried any Liz Earle products and I thought it would be a good opportunity to try for cheap. I really enjoyed using this it made my skin feel very clean and fresh! I have recently bought the Liz Earle Cleanser and I am enjoying that too so I feel like I will venture in to more of this range. 

John Frieda Blow dry spray // Luxurious volume fine to full 
I have had this mini for sooo long! It seems to have lasted me ages. I really like using it and loved the way it left my hair feeling thicker. I would buy this however I feel the full price product is a bit pricey (around £6) and there are cheaper alternatives that are just as good. If I had more disposable income at the moment I think I would have repurchased straight away. Maybe I shall wait for an offer ;)

REN night cream // Frankincense Revitalising cream
I  LOVE this night cream. I wake up with such soft fresh skin I would love to buy the full size. Again its rather expensive so it may have to go on my christmas list or something. I would really recommend though as it really is a great product. 

I hope you liked my mini reviews and possibly inspired some future buying desisions! What are you loving lately?

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Beautiful Bloggers | Favourites

I have quiet a few favourite reads at the moment and I haven't done a post like this in a while so I thought I would :)

Rebbecca at
I love this blog so much, she posts daily and I always make sure I read. She posts really helpful things about blogging, reviews hauls etc. She seems a lovely down to earth girl and I feel she should be hyped about more !

Kate at
Slightly biased as I love Kate as a person but I genuinely love her posts! She's really honest and I love it. I seem to read it in my head in her voice !! But I can really imagine her ranting on about it. 

Amy at
Again I think Amy is so lovely in person but I truly love her posts. The photos are perfect as well as the writing. She blogs about events, OOTD's, reviews etc I really enjoy reading them. 

Cat at
Another lovely girl with beautiful outfit posts. I loveeee her blog design (She does them herself) and I am very jealous of how amazing and generally just comfortable she looks in photos. Deffinatly worth a read for outfit inspo. 

Hayley at
Two words wittering wednesday ! The best, honest, down to earth posts you will ever read and also sometimes very amusing ! You can see her strong personality through out all her posts, and such a amazing person too :)

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Hull Fair 2014 | Hull Events

Last Weekend I went back home to visit the famous Hull Fair ! It is Europe's largest travelling fair and it is the hi-light of Hull's social calendar. Once a year it arrives on Walton Street car park and is open to the public for a week of crazy rides and yummy food.  I haven't been whilst at university so me and Darren decided to go back as we had the weekend free. I was sooo excited, we went with my mum, dad, my brother and his girlfriend. We walked around first and went on one or two rides but then my family decided to leave so we got some food! The only and only patty-butty (its a Hull thing) and chips from Bob carvers ! It Fair tradition to have it, there always a huge queue but its worth the wait !! We then went on more rides and walked up the long row of vans and stalls selling amazing sweets (And spent about £20 on them) Candy floss, brandy snap, whips and astro belts and not forgetting fudge !! Yummmmmy :D. I had such good fun and brought back a lot of childhood memories. I hope we can keep going every year :)
Who has been to Hull Fair ??

Ideal home show Christmas | Giveaway

On the 14th - 16th of November the the ideal home show Christmas sponsored by is coming to Event city in Manchester !

I have previously been to the ideal home show in London and I loved it so when my mum said about it being in Manchester she got us tickets straight away. 
It will be packed full of stalls with lovely gift ideas, home decor, cooking demonstrations and lots more along with a few celebrity guests. You can read allll about it on the website:

I have been in contact with the ideal home show Christmas and I have been given x2 tickets to giveaway on my blog! How exciting !! So if you would also like to go along to the show make sure you enter:

I have decided to enter you have to leave a blog comment telling me you best christmas memory or best thing about the run up to christmas? Leave your answer in the comments along with your email address so I can let you know that you have won and the tickets shall be posted to you. 

Terms & Conditions.
You can only enter once
I will choose the answer I think is best (I may get my mum to help)
The tickets can not be refunded or exchanged and will be sent to you by The Ideal Home Show people. 
(You can gain extra points by following me on Bloglovin Here)
The winner will be contacted via email
Competition closes 31st October

Good Luck oxo. 

Iv had the chop! | More about Hair!!

I know I have only just written up my hair care tag butttt this weekend I had all my hair chopped off ! I wrote the tag before I made the decision to get it cut and I didn't want to change my answers so I thought I should make a separate little post. Its not very often I write about hair but I may do a post about what hair care products I use as I do have a few favourites. 

ANY WAY.. I have been thinking about having my hair cut off for a while because I thought my previous hair style was sooo boring. It had nothing to it and always just looked a mess so whilst I was visiting home at the weekend I asked my mum to do it (She used to be a hair dresser. Its now about chin length I did want it to be about an inch longer but its now all one length and looks very thick and healthy ! I am still getting used to it but I do quiet like it. Its different and I like the fact I have to make the effort as I now cannot just tie it in a pony-tail on my head !! I have to dry it properly and straighten it. I think it looks nice and smart :). 
What do you think?

The Hair Tag - 13 Questions | Tag

2012 - Now
Before 2010!

1.What is your natural hair colour? 
Mousey brown/blonde.

2.What colour is your hair currently?
It's darker blonde colour (with brownly roots going on)

3.What hair colour would you love to have?
Very light blonde 

4.What is your everyday hair style?
I usually have it straight, I like to braid my fringe a lot 

5.How often do you dye your hair?

I usually only get it done twice a year as my just doesn't grow. 

6.Is there a hair style you would love to have, but can't do?
I would love it long and curly but it just won't grow :( 

7.Honestly, how often do you visit the hairdressers?
Hardly ever ! My mum used to be a hair dresser so she cuts it for me and then I will go to hair dressers to get it dyed. (I haven't been since beginning of the year.)

8.What's the worst hair style you ever had?
When I was younger I dyed my hair every possible colour and I liked them all :D prob a full fringe :|

9.Any hair disasters?
Again when I had my full fringe, as my mum cuts it she did it and i hated it and blamed her :(

10.What are the biggest things you've learned about hair care?

My mum always used to tell me off for straightening all the time and blow drying wrong so if i have time I will blow dry correctly and I try to only straighten my hair now and again. 

11.Any shampoos and conditioners you swear by?
My favourite has got to be John freda ! I love the blonde ones or just the repair ones. I never used to be that bothered but I love using them now.  

12.Anything you regret?
Not really cause it was probably what I wanted at the time or in Fashion. 

13.How do you keep your hair happy and healthy?
Just making sure you don't go over board on products as it makes my hair greasy, don't allllways use heat on it and condition just the ends :)

I Tag - 
Chelsea :
Emily :
Megan :
Kate :

Red Dahlia | Haul & Giveaway

Alexa Leather bracelet // £16.50*
Silver Lotus Ring // £8.50*
Silver Lotus Necklace // £15.00*

Red Dahlia is a gorgeous jewellery company that makes very delicate and stylish designs. I was very excited when I was contacted by Rosie - The owner of Red Dahlia - for the chance to work with her and feature some of her pieces on my blog :). We had lots of email discussions and decided on a few pieces for me to try ! She sent me over a look book and I honestly liked so much, I am really liking the delicate small bracelets what you can wear individually or in a little cluster. You can view and buy her items on the site:

The items arrived beautifully packaged and I was soo excited to open them but as you know bloggers MUST photograph everything before opening so I had to be patient before I could actually see them. I love it when products come nicely packaged as you know you could sent them as a gift and they would arrive looking all lovely :). 

I love the pieces that arrived and I can not wait to wear them ( & feature in Outfits posts). Me and Rosie decided it would be nice to do a giveaway with one of the pieces, so that you can try out some of this beautiful jewellery ! 
So please enter below for chance to win the Silver Lotus Ring && make sure you check out the Red Dahlia website.

Thank you for entering :)

* These items where sent for review from Red Dahlia

Lush | Haul

As I said in my previous post - The big student night in - I visited Lush, they had a deal where you bought any one product and received two free products and made your own bath bomb! So I thought I would show you what I bought and received. 

I used this in my bath the other night,it smells so yummy and leaves your skin feeling nice and soft. ( This is the one I bought)

My hand made bath bomb ;)
This was very fun to make although it left my hands veryyy messy but the smell lasted on my hands the whole evening which was gooood (And odd as I kept sniffing my hands lol) I haven't used this as of yet but Im looking forward to a good smelling bath. 

Ocean Salt scrub // £7.75 
This was one of the free products I received at Lush. I loveeee it, Amy said she really enjoys using it so I'm glad I got the chance to. It lasts for ages as well so I shall be able to use it a lot before it actually goes out of date. You only need a small amount to rub in to your face. I haven't used in on my body yet but I plan too :). 

Whats your favourite Lush product? Any recommendations?

The Big Student Night In | Manchester Events

Last week I was invited to be a student blogger for the Manchester Arndale student lock in. I went to the event last year and the year before and really enjoyed it so I was very excited when I was contacted by them. This year it seemed bigger and better than ever with so many different things happening and of course lots of discounts ! Students who signed up before hand received a £5 voucher to spend in any way they wanted and lots of store where doing giveaways and free goodie bags etc.

Me and Amy from decided before hand to meet up and go around together so we grabbed a Starbucks and chilled before it all kicked off and then went and met Helen (The Arndales very own PR whiz) and she kindly gave us a voucher to spend in any store we wanted ! 

Firstly me an Amy went to Lush as she wanted a new face mask, we where told by the lovely staff that if you bought any one product you would then receive an extra two free products at the till point and you could make your own bath bomb ! We jumped on this as it seemed really good fun. Obviously the lush store isn't the biggest or the easiest to move around and it was getting extremely busy and people began to queue out the door ! We bought our items and made our bath bomb which smelt amazing but I managed to get very messy. 
We then headed to top shop and that was equally as busy! There was people grabbing as much as they could and queuing up to receive their 20% off! The floor was already covered in hangers and dropped items and it had only been offering the discount for half an hour, I dread to think the state by 8pm! I picked up a top and some riding pants (but then returned them the next day as they didn't suit me).

After that we had a look around super drug and Boots but then had to make my way to Harvey Nichols (slight fiasco ended up in the staff entrance :|) They also had discounts and a beat the buyer competition where you could style the models and the best outfit won tickets to the HN catwalk show. 

We where kindly given a goodie bag as we left and headed to House of Fraser to meet the one and only Millie Mackintosh as she has released a clothing line (which is beautiful). She was sooo lovely and said she liked my phone case (99p Ebay bargain) and I said I liked her dress (£90 as part of her collection). She gave us a little signed photo and we got a picture taken with her, - I look horrific in mine! After a lllll that fun I was sooo tiered and could not wait to climb in to bed. 

I had a really fun time, thank you for inviting me Arndale and Manchester Bid !