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Here is part two of my post from the new TK Maxx store opening I was invited too. As my last post was photo heavy I decided to split it in two. I saw sooo many things that I liked but I decided to just get a few treats. As you may know TK Maxx is a discounted store that sells everything from socks to saucepans. I always pop in when I'm close to a store as you can get some amazing bargains. There are often heavily discounted designer products from the likes of Ralph Lauren or DKNY. You are always sure to find a bargain of some sort however buy it when you see it as they only usually have one of each item! Heres the bits I picked up:

Note book / £2.49
Mobile charger / £7.99

Small patterned bowl / £2.89
Glass storage / £3.99

Clinique palette / Was £25 bought for £12.99
Essie nail polish // Was £17.99 bought for £6.99

Acrylic storage / £6.99

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  1. Looks like you got some great bargains! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

    1. I did :D you can find the best things there I love it :D.
      Thanks for your comment :) ox


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