Fight Cancer with Fashion | Branded Lab Event

I recently attended an event run by Branded Lab in aid of the fight cancer with fashion charity. I was invited to come along have cocktails eat cupcakes and buy some bargain fashion pieces with all the money raised being donated to the charity. I thought this was a great cause and a great excuse to head out for the night. The event was held in the Allotment bar in Manchester's Northern Quarter, I had not heard of this place before but it seems really nice and after reading a bit of the food menu I would love to go back and eat there some time. I went with Cat from , we met through the Manchester bloggers Facebook group and as we live close she offered me a lift (which was so lovely of her thank youuuu). 

We arrived and had a complementary cocktail, which tasted so so good and was also given a raffle ticket and was told there would be prizes given every 15 minutes which I thought was a good idea rather than it being all at once, sadly I did not win anything :(. There was rails around the room with pieces to buy from various different brands however most of the items where size 8 ! I am no where near size 8 so it was not happening for me. I did try a few bits on but I just wasn't feeling it. I did find a gorgeous wintery scarf which I feel is very Zara-esque which was only £3 !!  What an amazing bargain. I then after another look round found a floral dress in a bigger size again for only £3! I didn't bother trying it on I just bought it and hoped for the best and when I arrived home it fit perfectly and looks really nice on so I am happy with that. We stayed for just over an hour, there was lots of other bloggers there but we didn't chat to anyone else. I feel its much easier to meet new people at blogger meet ups rather than events plus I feel a lot of Manchester bloggers already know each other? I suppose its like most of us Hull bloggers are now friends?

Any way I'm glad I met Cat, we have planned to go to other events together which will be good.

Heres a few photos from the night, they aren't the best because my camera doesn't like it when its dark for some reason and I can not figure out how to make it behave :(.

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  1. I was supposed to go to this but I had work. What a shame as it looks like it was a nice girly get together!

    Anoushka xx


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