American Beauty | Haul & Reviews

My friend has been living in America for 6 months of this year and I asked her to post me a few American beauty bits that I really fancied trying out last month but she decided to come home this month anyway so just brought them back for me with her :).

She herself isn't really into make up and beauty products so I have to give her descriptions and shops to go in or else she would be useless ! I said get anything from Sephora and she ended up buying me the same shade of lipstick twice!! She said she just goes in and picks the first one up she see's bless its the thought that counts :). So heres what I received:

Swatches from top to bottom:
Baby lips
Sephora lipstick
Moisture stain

I was very excited to try this out as I always used to use the 
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation so as this is fairly similar I thought it maybe something I would like. first impressions I like the bottle, it feels slightly more high end however I'm not to sure why it has this strange dropper thing? I ended up just trying to use it to put on my face but then I dropped it everywhere?   The foundation itself is nice. The formulae isn't too heavy and the coverage is nice and light. I don't LOVE it there is other products that I feel are a lot better but I feel like I will use it for when I don't want much coverage and I want a 'no make-up look'.

These are now available in the UK but when I first heard about them there was a bit of hype for them in the US so I wanted a piece of the action. Im not a fan of lip gloss style products I favour lipsticks ALWAYS but as this is an in the middle product I thought I would like it. However sadly no. Its too much like a lipgloss for me it does not go on nicely and does not stay very well. The colour is really nice but I wouldn't waste my money buying it. Disappointing but never mind. I will probably try it out a few more times but if not it shall be donated to my mum or someone :). 

I like the Sephora lipsticks they have a nice colour pigmentation. I do have to wear a lip balm underneath though because they don't glide on very well if not. Does anyone else have this problem? 

Everyone knows about baby lips! I love them and I have quiet a few I use them all the time. I actually wanted the new neon ones but my friend didn't realise that they where different. Never mind! 


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my post :)