Make-up Revolution | Haul

I have been waiting for what feels like forever of Make-up revolution to be stocked in a Superdrug near me ! Last month I bought a make up rev pallet in a store in shrewsbury and I have been loving using it so I really wanted to try more. There has been quiet a lot of hype around the brand and I needed to be a part of it. I have been checking in every Superdrug I pass and finally the store in Manchester Trafford centre has saved me from having a mini melt down. I would have just made an online order however the things I have been wanting to try always seem to be out of stock so I thought I would just wait and then at least I can swatch and see what the colours REALLLLY look like. I didn't want to go too over board but I bought 9 items, how can you not though when they cost £1 ! I feel bad if I leave something out. So heres my first haul I'm sure there will be many to come. 

Left - Right 
Lipstick // Luscious
Lipstick // Divine
Lipstick // Chic
Lipstick // Bliss 

Blush // Now!

Left: Eyeshadow // Adore
Right: Eyeshadow // Base! 

Highlighting powder // Peach Lights
Pressed Powder // Porcelain

The best thing other then the price I feel is that each product is really well pigmented! I didn't not expect that at all, the quality is great and I have enjoyed trying them out since I bought them a few days ago. I think my favourite is going to the the eye shadows as I think the colours are great for A/W and seem to work well with my skin (I have very sensitive eyes). 
If any one would like more of a review on these products or maybe how I wear them etc. Please leave a comment to let me know :) 

TRENDTWO | #OOTD & Competition

Hat // Portobello Road market
Scarf // TrendTwo
Dress // Primark
Bag // Vivienne Westwood
Boots // Topshop

I have recently been contacted by TrendTwo who are an online website selling Ladies and Mens fashions. I had heard about them as I bought a Scarf from them from them at Branded Lab PR event I recently attended. They are currently running a competition on their Pinterest page to win £150 of clothing! You just have to create your own Pinterest board with your top picks from their site and email your link ! You get a 20% discount code just for entering !! 
You can check out their Pinterest page here: TrendTwo Pinterest
Or for more information or just to browse their collections you can see here: TrendTwo Website

You can see what my top picks are on my Pinterest board too !!

Leave you Pinterest links so I can follow you :)

Fight Cancer with Fashion | Branded Lab Event

I recently attended an event run by Branded Lab in aid of the fight cancer with fashion charity. I was invited to come along have cocktails eat cupcakes and buy some bargain fashion pieces with all the money raised being donated to the charity. I thought this was a great cause and a great excuse to head out for the night. The event was held in the Allotment bar in Manchester's Northern Quarter, I had not heard of this place before but it seems really nice and after reading a bit of the food menu I would love to go back and eat there some time. I went with Cat from , we met through the Manchester bloggers Facebook group and as we live close she offered me a lift (which was so lovely of her thank youuuu). 

We arrived and had a complementary cocktail, which tasted so so good and was also given a raffle ticket and was told there would be prizes given every 15 minutes which I thought was a good idea rather than it being all at once, sadly I did not win anything :(. There was rails around the room with pieces to buy from various different brands however most of the items where size 8 ! I am no where near size 8 so it was not happening for me. I did try a few bits on but I just wasn't feeling it. I did find a gorgeous wintery scarf which I feel is very Zara-esque which was only £3 !!  What an amazing bargain. I then after another look round found a floral dress in a bigger size again for only £3! I didn't bother trying it on I just bought it and hoped for the best and when I arrived home it fit perfectly and looks really nice on so I am happy with that. We stayed for just over an hour, there was lots of other bloggers there but we didn't chat to anyone else. I feel its much easier to meet new people at blogger meet ups rather than events plus I feel a lot of Manchester bloggers already know each other? I suppose its like most of us Hull bloggers are now friends?

Any way I'm glad I met Cat, we have planned to go to other events together which will be good.

Heres a few photos from the night, they aren't the best because my camera doesn't like it when its dark for some reason and I can not figure out how to make it behave :(.

 | Review

If your like me I love a good bargain and I always hunt around the sale rails for something new. I would say 8 out of 10 purchases especially fashion I tend to buy in the sale of discounted, this is why LoveSales is perfect for meee. I love the idea of it and I'm sure you will too..

' is your new shopping best friend'

When you are browsing through your favourite online stores you are able to add products to your Love sales account that will then alert you once they have dropped in price. It will say if they have been entered in to the sale or if the site has a percentage off!! 
Who would want that in their life?

You can create an account easily by linking to your Facebook, like I did so you don't have to enter any details its already done for you. You can Sign up here!
You then go on to select some of your favourite brands that you want to see in your feed and then add the bookmark so that it is easy to link items in to your account (Like a Pinterest Pin It button). And thats it! Away you go adding items and browsing the sales. 

You can see what sales are happing right now and it will link you directly to the site and inform you about the percentage off, the start date of the sales and you can even share it on social media if you wish.

I found it really easy to sign up and it has very simple to follow instructions of how it works. I think its a great idea as everyone always has those I reallllly want to buy items but they aren't always in your reach but to be alerted when they are discounted is great. Its saving you time searching and money!

*This is a sponsored post

American Beauty | Haul & Reviews

My friend has been living in America for 6 months of this year and I asked her to post me a few American beauty bits that I really fancied trying out last month but she decided to come home this month anyway so just brought them back for me with her :).

She herself isn't really into make up and beauty products so I have to give her descriptions and shops to go in or else she would be useless ! I said get anything from Sephora and she ended up buying me the same shade of lipstick twice!! She said she just goes in and picks the first one up she see's bless its the thought that counts :). So heres what I received:

Swatches from top to bottom:
Baby lips
Sephora lipstick
Moisture stain

I was very excited to try this out as I always used to use the 
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation so as this is fairly similar I thought it maybe something I would like. first impressions I like the bottle, it feels slightly more high end however I'm not to sure why it has this strange dropper thing? I ended up just trying to use it to put on my face but then I dropped it everywhere?   The foundation itself is nice. The formulae isn't too heavy and the coverage is nice and light. I don't LOVE it there is other products that I feel are a lot better but I feel like I will use it for when I don't want much coverage and I want a 'no make-up look'.

These are now available in the UK but when I first heard about them there was a bit of hype for them in the US so I wanted a piece of the action. Im not a fan of lip gloss style products I favour lipsticks ALWAYS but as this is an in the middle product I thought I would like it. However sadly no. Its too much like a lipgloss for me it does not go on nicely and does not stay very well. The colour is really nice but I wouldn't waste my money buying it. Disappointing but never mind. I will probably try it out a few more times but if not it shall be donated to my mum or someone :). 

I like the Sephora lipsticks they have a nice colour pigmentation. I do have to wear a lip balm underneath though because they don't glide on very well if not. Does anyone else have this problem? 

Everyone knows about baby lips! I love them and I have quiet a few I use them all the time. I actually wanted the new neon ones but my friend didn't realise that they where different. Never mind! 

Hull is where the heart is | #OOTD #13

Top // £12 // Thieving Harrys (Hull Marina)
Skirt // £10 // Topshop (sale)

Boots trip with Student Style | Haul

Natural Collection lipstick / Pomegranate / £1.99

After the TK Max event me and Megan from Student-Style  was invited too we popped in to Boots. We discovered that it is NOT a good idea for us to shop together! Id say ooh I like this .. and Megan would say Oooh I will buy it then and visa versa ! Or ooh this colour is pretty lets both get it haha. I didn't go tooo crazy but I managed to pick up a few bits and pieces. I love her blog, I love shopping with her and I love her :D ! If you don't already please go follow her ox, 

TK Maxx Hull store opening | Haul

Here is part two of my post from the new TK Maxx store opening I was invited too. As my last post was photo heavy I decided to split it in two. I saw sooo many things that I liked but I decided to just get a few treats. As you may know TK Maxx is a discounted store that sells everything from socks to saucepans. I always pop in when I'm close to a store as you can get some amazing bargains. There are often heavily discounted designer products from the likes of Ralph Lauren or DKNY. You are always sure to find a bargain of some sort however buy it when you see it as they only usually have one of each item! Heres the bits I picked up:

Note book / £2.49
Mobile charger / £7.99

Small patterned bowl / £2.89
Glass storage / £3.99

Clinique palette / Was £25 bought for £12.99
Essie nail polish // Was £17.99 bought for £6.99

Acrylic storage / £6.99

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Neal & Wolf Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner | Sample Sunday

I received this sample at a blog meet up in a goody bag. I have heard of this brand but I hav tried any thing from it. I decided to try it out the other day, usually I can use theses samples twice however this only had enough for one wash in. The smell is really nice and I liked the consistency however I am not really a big fan of the product! I don't think it was anything special and I would defiantly not pay for the full price bottle(especially at that price!). Maybe I need to try it a few more times? But I honestly just thought it was a bit boring. It did leave my hair feeling very clean once I have dried it etc. Im never really picky with shampoo and conditioner I usually will happily use anything. At the moment I am loving John Frieda Blonde hair care products and I would fully recommend those over this. 

Obviously this is my personal opinion I'm sure some people love this but this is why I LOVE trying samples as everyone is different :).
What haircare products are you loving at the moment?

TK Maxx Hull store opening | Events

All ready for the big opening!

Selfies with Megan & my mumma 

Big qeues outside for the opening.

Looking at the pretty dresses

The customers in and filling their baskets

Me & Megan / Megan at the doors / && Megan checking out the big bras 

Before my holiday TK Maxx contacted me and kindly invited me to the opening of there new store in Kingswood Hull. & as it is my FAVOURITE shop I happily accepted. It opened at a very early 9am on Thursday the 21st August. I arrived about 8:30 and there was already a huge queue forming outside. I had arranged to meet up with Megan from Student-Style as she was invited along too! Luckily I was allowed in straight away to have a chat with the lovely Evelyn who organised for us to come along. We had a little look around the store while it was empty and managed to take some photos before it went crazy ! The first so many people where given a gift voucher so obviously everyone wanted to get in as soon as. The store has two floors and spread out really well so that everything is easy to find. We hit the beauty section first (Obviously) and our basket started to become full very quickly. We moved upstairs to home wear because as you may know it is my new obsession ;). We had to end up getting an actual trolly between me my mum and Megan ! We got a bit too over excited. To see what I bought make sure you look out for my next post all about it !