Various pieces I have picked up | HomeWear Haul #3

Number 3 in the Home wear hauls ! I have bought more since photographing this so they may be another haul however as I am now away from home this may be a bit hard. I will do a massive post all about each room etc when I actually move in :)
These may not be linked just as they are from allll over the place but I shall put the shop and price if I remember. If not at least it may still be a bit of inspiration for you all :)

Glass bottle - £3 & set of 4 shot glasses - £2 // ASDA

Pink mini scales - £4 & Floral bowl £3 // Ebay

Grey Pillow cases - £3 // Primark
Jam Jar - £3.99 // TK.Max
Note pegs // Gift from my mum

Little tea tray - £3 // Wilkinsons
Coasters - £2 // Card Factory


  1. Lovely picks! Those little pegs look really cute. :)

  2. I've got the matching chutney jar to your jam jar :) x


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