Tea Pigs - Popcorn Tea | Sample Sunday

I was given this sample whilst at Yum! Food festival :) it was actually me who contacted them whilst I was working with Yum! to ask if they would send over some of their yummy teas for us bloggers to trial. I literally have the most about of different teas you could imagine. I just love the stuff, so its nice to have variety. I have tried a few different tea pigs ones now and my favourite always remains the same - Earl grey ! How very extravagant. I have tried a few which I have hated but this one is just kind of in the middle. Its a green tea which is a kinda love/hate thing any way, but it has the added popcorn element. I must say you can actually taste the popcorn! I usually find you can only smell it in these fancy teas but yeah there is a nice hint. I don't think I would actually buy this tea as it wasn't wowing me and theres a lot more I prefer but I would definitely recommend Tea pigs Earl grey to any one who's loves a decent cuppa :)

Happy sunday :) ox.


  1. I love teapigs!! They're not cheap, but definitely worth it. They have some great flavours too. I quite like their chai

    Aimee Belle



    1. Yeah it's always good when you get to try for free lol ;). I havnt tried that yet. I will have to see if I can get hold of some :D Xx


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