Skin Care (Part 1) | Top 6 Beauty Picks #3

Name:Instant cleansing water
Brand: Dior
Price: £25
Where can I buy this? Most Dior counters, Selfridges, Debenhams etc
Likes: I feel like I am using a lovely luxury product. It leaves my face feeling really nice and clean, and it has lasted a fairly long time using two squirts twice a day (most days). Since February!
Dislikes: It is a pricey product for what it actually is.. essentially glorified water? I do really like it but im not sure if I would repurchase, maybe if I did have the money.
Rating: 4/5

Name: Skin perfection velvety soft toner
Brand: Lóreal
Price: £3.99
Where can I buy this?  Boots, supermarkets, superdrug.
Likes: This leaves my skin really soft and feeling very cleansed. Its cheap and cheerful and it works!
Dislikes: The bottle annoys me as it either pours out loads or not enough! I’d rather have a pump bottle.
Rating: 4/5 its nothing special but it does the job :)

Name: Dramatically different moisturising jel
Brand: Clinique
Price: RRP:£19
Where can I buy this? Any Clinique counter (some-times) Boots, Debenhams, Selfridges etc.
Likes: It is the best moisturizer I have used so far. I use the Jel as it works really well on my skin, it makes my face feel hydrated, it last a really long time! I have been using mine since January and there is probs still a months worth.
Dislikes: IT IS NEVER AVAILABLE TO BUY! I do not know why but when I ask for it in the UK know one ever stocks it. I got my friend to send me some from the USA as I was getting desperate trying to find it. Plus it is half price in the USA too. However I did pick some up the other day in Debenhams and it was discounted as they where running a tax-free event so now I have two unopened ;).
Rating: 5/5 could not recommend enough!

Name: Active cell renewal night serum
Brand: BareMinerals
Where can I buy this?: Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Selfridges etc.
Likes: I like the little pipet thing what you use for this ! Yes the simple things ;). The way it feels on my face is really nice and I like the feeling of my face the next day. 
Dislikes: I don't really have much to dislike about this, its annoying that you have to go wash your hands after cause it may feel a bit 'greasy' if not.
Rating: 4/5

Name: Triple active Night crème.
Brand: Lóreal
Price: £7.49
Where can I buy this? Supermarkets, boots, superdrug etc.
Likes: This is quiet a recent purchase but I am enjoying it. It’s a nice thick consistency and makes my skin feel nice and hydrated. Again another cheapy one thjat works well :)
Dislikes: You have to make sure you only use a small amount due to it being really thick. Also I hate those little cap things they put in crèmes WHY!? Its really annoy.

Name: Revitalift eye creme 
Brand: Lóreal
Price: £11.49
Where can I buy this?:Supermarkets, boots, superdrug etc.
Likes: I like that this is quiet a cooling product and it seems to soothe my eyes nicely before bed. Its a nice consistency and seems to do the job well.
Dislikes: I don't really have any dislikes as I don't really have much to compare it to. I have sensitive eyes and so far this is fine for me. 
Rating: 4/5


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