PGL Boreatton Park | Summer 2014

So as you will know if you regularly read my blog, for the past 5/6 weeks I went work on a summer camp in shropshire. I was planning to be there for 3 months but I changed my mind and decided to come home early. I really enjoyed my time however I didn't really like the day to day running and I just wasn't enjoying it as much as I had hoped. Any one who knows me personally will know that this was a huge achiement to stay for that long. Im not outdoorsy at all I don't really like 'activities' but I thought I would give it a go cause it has been something I have always wanted to do, however it was very different to my expectations. 
I feel the only reason I stayed that long is because of the amazing people that I met there, they kept me going and now I have some friends for life ! I have gained skills such as emergency first aid and working with vulnerable children and young adults and I'm now a qualified Abseil instructor along with some other activities :D 

Lewis and I before we went on the 'Power fan'. You climb to the top harnessed up and then just jump off. Its really scary but good fun.

All the lovely people I met on my training course !

Selfie central ! My beaut uniform 

My room ! Yes I had to live in a tent. I don't know how i coped. I woke up everyday with grass in my bed, spiders all over i don't think a day went by where i didn't run away screaming from a bug in my bed.

The boys living their tent life. They pimped it out with a rug and chest of draws.

First proper day at work.

Rhianna and I before we went on the Zip wire. I loved the zip wire, again very scary but much fun.

Another little selfie in the sunshine.

Sheltering from the rain with a bag on our head while drinking wine :)

Campsite group photo ! 

Quick snap while hanging off the abseil tower ! Top instructor i am.

I am so glad I conquered this ! I had a bit of a fear of heights before this and now I'm so glad I'm over it and just jumping off the top !

My little bestie Fiona, She's at a camp in Paris I really hope I can go visit her !

Will and I at the silent disco on my last night. One of the most fun times, so surreal that people are singing and dancing to all different songs at the same time.

So yeah that was my summer. I have had so much fun and Im glad I left I think it was the right time before I got really fed up. I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope we all meet again. 
Now back to my normal life which includes lots of blogging :D 

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