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Most of you will have heard of Depop by now, however if not i shall explain.. it is an app which you are able to sell / buy / swap things. You upload your items set prices etc and people shall buy all your preloved things :) Similar to ebay however i feel its more friendly and up to date plus a lot less complicated. Most users are lovely and well message you and are really nice however you get some cheeky little buggers who can be rude and treat it as if its a car boot sale! Its a bit instagram style where you can stroll through the items, like things search specific hashtags if theres something you are looking for etc. I really enjoy using it so I thought I would just write this little post to say I am selling on there :D. 
Im growing up now and need to save up for boring things like sofas and kitchen tables so I'm just trying to raise a bit of cash for that really :). 

Im selling mainly beauty and fashion items, if you message me to say you have seen my blogpost I may be able to give you a little discount or throw a freebie in!! 

Search @Alex_Redfearn 

Beauty items for sale


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