Help me sleep ! | Bed time routine & Review

Today I thought I would write a post all about sleep. I am that person that NEVERRR sleeps, I have tried lots of different things to try and get me in a better sleeping routine and I'm still not perfect. I feel that because I have been moving around a lot lately doesn't really help so I'm hoping when I move in to my new home in Manchester that will get me back settled. 
I have tried sleeping tablets including ones just from Boots and from my doctor. I have tried the whole get up reallllly early so you will be sleepy. I have listened to those sleep noise apps but they are just too noisy for me but I feel everyone has their own little ways. 

What I have been recently includes a few different things so I thought I would share that with you today. 

Firstly I like to have a bath using my Soap & Glory Calm one Calm all bubble bath. It smells so amazing and I'm not sure what it actually does but it makes me all soothed and relaxed. It leaved your skin smelling so good too so that is always a bonus. 
In the bath often light a candle this is one my brother bought me while he was in Florida from Bath & Body works. It also smells amazing!
And lastly I take a cup of tea in there with me. It will always be either a fruit tea or green tea but mostly I try and have camomile. Im drinking the Camomile and Honey at the moment as it is supposed to relax you and get you all ready for sleep. I love this mug it is from Matalan ( it always helps if its in a nice mug) 

Once I'm in to my pyjamas and things I use a few things when I'm getting in to bed. I have been using the Sleep Serenity camomile and lavender pillow mist from Avon. This claims to help to drift off in to a peaceful nights sleep so I thought I would give it a try. It smells nice and enjoy using it in my room. 
I also use the ThisWorks Deep sleep stress less roll ball, which claims to be a soothing natural rescue remedy to help you breathe more easily and calm your senses promoting a better nights sleep. I roll this on my temples and wrists and again I enjoy using this and I love the smell.

Lastly I like to wear my little panda eye mask so that its really dark. This is just one I got from ebay, I probably could do with buying a new one soon.

As you know I am a big lover of home wear and recently I was looking through websites and I came across, it is an online site where you can buy beds, mattresses, accessories bedding etc. There are some gorgeous things on there which I am now lusting over. 
While on the site I came across in the side bar a link to download a free ebook about sleep advice so I decided to have a look. I downloaded it on to my iPad and had a read through. It has some interesting facts and figures about what effects peoples sleep and sleeping in relation to where you are in the country etc i.e In yYorkshire your partner effects your sleep! 
It also had advice on how to get more sleep and when reading it advises camomile tea, room sprays etc so I feel I am actually doing the right thing. 
Another suggestion is having the right ambience in your room with it all decluttered and nice bedding sheets etc so now this is my new excuse to buy new home wear :D. 
I have read a few ebooks about sleep and I like the fact this one is really to the point and explaining percentages of what distracts people from sleep. ( I also love the graphics and layout but thats an added extra).  Its quiet a interesting read and helpful to learn a few new tips from. If like me you struggle with sleep you can download it here: . 

I hope you find this post both interesting & helpful. Let me know if you have any tips for getting a better nights sleep. && also let me know if you download the ebook and pick up any tips :)
Hope you are all well. 


  1. Alex we have completely swapped sleeping patterns! (I sleep like a baby now!!) The best tip I was given was to make sure your bedroom is the place you go to to sleep and not hang out in during the day.

    Kelsey | Peach Blossom

  2. Haha no way !! Yeah I thing that's the thing I sit in my room quiet a lot :/.
    I like it here though lol :D xxx


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