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The Lovely Hannah from arranged for all us Hull bloggers to do a box swap. We had a budget and hannah organised who swapped with who and we where all set to choose some lovely little gifts to each other. I thought it was a great idea as we have all become quiet good friends so we know what each other likes. Lucy from sent a box to me filled with some lovely goodies. 

Firstly I love the box she sent it in it really lovely colours and I thought it would be nice to keep whatever in :) Also she sent me a little card what she said I must open last which had a little explanation inside all about what I had received. 

The products she sent are lovely and deffinately things I would like to try out. She got me a Nuxe travel set which she said she got on holiday. I have heard of this brand and I wanted to try some bits out so Im glad I now have the opportunity. She said she also picked up the lipstick while away too, its a really nice colour and I'm looking to extend my lipstick collection at the moment ;). Also in there was a little makeup brush and face/body mask which I am looking forward to trying out. Another item was something her parents brought me back from America, it was the  Sephora daily brush cleaner. I love how handy this product is. Lastly she said as she knows I love candles, she got me an oil burner with little crystals to burn, I haven't used this type of thing before so I'm really excited about it :D .

Thank you so much Lucy for all my bits and pieces :) 
I cannot wait for our next Hull bloggers adventure ! 


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