Tea Pigs - Popcorn Tea | Sample Sunday

I was given this sample whilst at Yum! Food festival :) it was actually me who contacted them whilst I was working with Yum! to ask if they would send over some of their yummy teas for us bloggers to trial. I literally have the most about of different teas you could imagine. I just love the stuff, so its nice to have variety. I have tried a few different tea pigs ones now and my favourite always remains the same - Earl grey ! How very extravagant. I have tried a few which I have hated but this one is just kind of in the middle. Its a green tea which is a kinda love/hate thing any way, but it has the added popcorn element. I must say you can actually taste the popcorn! I usually find you can only smell it in these fancy teas but yeah there is a nice hint. I don't think I would actually buy this tea as it wasn't wowing me and theres a lot more I prefer but I would definitely recommend Tea pigs Earl grey to any one who's loves a decent cuppa :)

Happy sunday :) ox.

Box Swap | Hull Bloggers

The Lovely Hannah from http://www.ha-pea-days.blogspot.co.uk arranged for all us Hull bloggers to do a box swap. We had a budget and hannah organised who swapped with who and we where all set to choose some lovely little gifts to each other. I thought it was a great idea as we have all become quiet good friends so we know what each other likes. Lucy from www.lucyjanewebb.blogspot.co.uk sent a box to me filled with some lovely goodies. 

Firstly I love the box she sent it in it really lovely colours and I thought it would be nice to keep whatever in :) Also she sent me a little card what she said I must open last which had a little explanation inside all about what I had received. 

The products she sent are lovely and deffinately things I would like to try out. She got me a Nuxe travel set which she said she got on holiday. I have heard of this brand and I wanted to try some bits out so Im glad I now have the opportunity. She said she also picked up the lipstick while away too, its a really nice colour and I'm looking to extend my lipstick collection at the moment ;). Also in there was a little makeup brush and face/body mask which I am looking forward to trying out. Another item was something her parents brought me back from America, it was the  Sephora daily brush cleaner. I love how handy this product is. Lastly she said as she knows I love candles, she got me an oil burner with little crystals to burn, I haven't used this type of thing before so I'm really excited about it :D .

Thank you so much Lucy for all my bits and pieces :) 
I cannot wait for our next Hull bloggers adventure ! 

Fashion facts | Confessions of a Shopaholic

I have often been told how much of a shopaholic I am so I thought I should write up a few little fashion facts!

10 facts you know you are definitely a shopaholic!! 
(But thats okay we all are secretly)

1. You know where your closest Topshop is at all times 

2. Sale instantly means bargain - I MUST HAVE IT ! 

3. You go in to selfridges .. ' ooh that £50 vivienne westwood top is such a bargain'
You go in to Primark ' Oh my that £8 top is soooo expensive'

4. Your ASOS wish list always have a million things in it.

5. You know where to look in the particular store for shoes/skirts/tops etc

6. You see a copy of a designer item and must have it even if you won't wear it ! 

7. Your favourite online stores are book marked on your laptop

8. A friend wants the new 'it bag' and you instantly know where they should look.

9. You have 5+ shopping apps on your Phone/Ipad/Tablet 

10. You see the most amazing skirt in store see its a bit pricey spend the whole day thinking about it and then eventually go back and buy it! 

TopShop LOVE | #OOTD 11

New beauty buys | Haul

I bought this to use at camp instead of wasting my perfume all the time. It smells nice and fresh I really like it. It was quiet a cheap so good to just have in a draw for a nice fresh spritz

I got this from a blogsale to try out. I have use fit a few times its really nice and soothing and I am enjoying using it so far. Glad I bought it from a blogsale as it is practically full and only cost £6 !

Again I bought this for use at camp. I have quiet good skin at the moment due to being outdoors all the time so I didn't actually need too much coverage. I choose this because has SPF in too.

I had to stock up on my favourite moisturiser and they actually had some in House of Fraser for the first time ever ! && with a discount too so I needed to take advantage :)

I picked this up in Chesire Oaks outlet store the other week I managed to get £5 off so I thought that was a good bargain. I wanted to try this out and was actually going to get some in the airport before my holiday ! 

I have joined the hype and decided to try a Make up revolution product. I Love this palette the colours are really nice and for £4 why not try it out. 

What products have you picked up recently?
Any recommendations?

Help me sleep ! | Bed time routine & Review

Today I thought I would write a post all about sleep. I am that person that NEVERRR sleeps, I have tried lots of different things to try and get me in a better sleeping routine and I'm still not perfect. I feel that because I have been moving around a lot lately doesn't really help so I'm hoping when I move in to my new home in Manchester that will get me back settled. 
I have tried sleeping tablets including ones just from Boots and from my doctor. I have tried the whole get up reallllly early so you will be sleepy. I have listened to those sleep noise apps but they are just too noisy for me but I feel everyone has their own little ways. 

What I have been recently includes a few different things so I thought I would share that with you today. 

Firstly I like to have a bath using my Soap & Glory Calm one Calm all bubble bath. It smells so amazing and I'm not sure what it actually does but it makes me all soothed and relaxed. It leaved your skin smelling so good too so that is always a bonus. 
In the bath often light a candle this is one my brother bought me while he was in Florida from Bath & Body works. It also smells amazing!
And lastly I take a cup of tea in there with me. It will always be either a fruit tea or green tea but mostly I try and have camomile. Im drinking the Camomile and Honey at the moment as it is supposed to relax you and get you all ready for sleep. I love this mug it is from Matalan ( it always helps if its in a nice mug) 

Once I'm in to my pyjamas and things I use a few things when I'm getting in to bed. I have been using the Sleep Serenity camomile and lavender pillow mist from Avon. This claims to help to drift off in to a peaceful nights sleep so I thought I would give it a try. It smells nice and enjoy using it in my room. 
I also use the ThisWorks Deep sleep stress less roll ball, which claims to be a soothing natural rescue remedy to help you breathe more easily and calm your senses promoting a better nights sleep. I roll this on my temples and wrists and again I enjoy using this and I love the smell.

Lastly I like to wear my little panda eye mask so that its really dark. This is just one I got from ebay, I probably could do with buying a new one soon.

As you know I am a big lover of home wear and recently I was looking through websites and I came across www.featherandblack.com, it is an online site where you can buy beds, mattresses, accessories bedding etc. There are some gorgeous things on there which I am now lusting over. 
While on the site I came across in the side bar a link to download a free ebook about sleep advice so I decided to have a look. I downloaded it on to my iPad and had a read through. It has some interesting facts and figures about what effects peoples sleep and sleeping in relation to where you are in the country etc i.e In yYorkshire your partner effects your sleep! 
It also had advice on how to get more sleep and when reading it advises camomile tea, room sprays etc so I feel I am actually doing the right thing. 
Another suggestion is having the right ambience in your room with it all decluttered and nice bedding sheets etc so now this is my new excuse to buy new home wear :D. 
I have read a few ebooks about sleep and I like the fact this one is really to the point and explaining percentages of what distracts people from sleep. ( I also love the graphics and layout but thats an added extra).  Its quiet a interesting read and helpful to learn a few new tips from. If like me you struggle with sleep you can download it here: www.featherandblack.com/ebook . 

I hope you find this post both interesting & helpful. Let me know if you have any tips for getting a better nights sleep. && also let me know if you download the ebook and pick up any tips :)
Hope you are all well. 

Home wear | Ebay wish list #6

Food Bloggers | Hull Yum Food Festival 2014

Last week I went into Hull city centre to the Yum! Food festival. If you remember I was actually working with this event before I left for camp, I was excited when I knew I could actually attend the event :).

I went on the Thursday (first day) firstly I had a little walk around with my mum and brother as they wanted to have a look what was going on too. 

&& then I met up with my lovely little blogger friends Charley www.ramblingofabeautyblogger.com  & Hannah www.ha-pea-days.blogspot.co.uk . 

Cooking demo tent 

Famous Hull Chip Spice !

I really love that there are some great free events in Hull because its nice that my home town is getting better !! && the events always seem to be really good. 

There was a lot going on over the 3 day event however I didn't really have much time to be involved. There was live cooking demos, music, children's area and workshops so plenty of opportunity for all the family to have fun. 

All the stalls looked so delicious! Cakes, sweets fudge, fancy cheese and pies - A dieters Nightmare as I found ! I am trying not to snack and be really healthy .. I didn't give in to temptation. 

I enjoyed having a walk around and seeing what was on offer! It has got me inspired to get cooking once more. I do love everything about food and would like to include it a bit more in to my blog where possible :)

Already looking forward to the next event!

Who am I ?! 2009. | Throw-back Thursday

So I was having a look at my Facebook page the other day, don't really know why I was looking at my own.. bit wired haha! any way I found this on my 'notes' page on Facebook which I didn't even remember I had and I do not remember writing this but I found it quiet fun so I thought I would share it with you all to laugh at how great I was 5 years ago !!
Please excuse the way I write, my interesting choices of words etc ;)  Here we go lets have a laugh:

'Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)'

1.I am wild crazy loud and mad and i like it that way ;) 

2.I hatee chemistry but i always seem to have the best time in thoose lessons 

3.I go on holiday alot :D its funn 

4. Hull city are the best team end of. and i lovee going to watch 

5.i Love Charly/Becky/Sask. ++ the rest of our crewww MATE. 

6. i have an obsessin with oreo'sand lucozade and i would live of them if i could 

7. i full on love the way me katie and chemelle do loads of work in textiles theese days. we just sit and google sexyy peoplee ;) ANDD i love the way i have moved to sit with emily in art and i never actually do any work i just tell emily and david to stop been so good :| and bitch with bill and lucy (Y) 

8. my wardrobes are bursting full of clothess and shoes and bags and belts :) I LOVE SHOPPING 

9.i larveeee water loo rd. and all the sexy people on it ;) 

10. im gunna be a wag marry fraizer campbell and have 5 kids :) oh and be a fashion designer 

11. im on the laptop tooo much doing pointless stuff like this :) 

12. i love the way when im with becky and charly we just laugh all day long about nowtt :) 

13. i love the way me and sask lan just bum on about football withthe lads in englishh ! 

14. SKIIING. The best times everrr. 

15. i hate ignorent people and two faced people and annoying people ! 

16. I love too read because i am a nerddd. 

17. I love partyingg with all the crewww 

18. i full on hate school but i dont ever wanna leave Because i have the best time there :D 

19. i miss walking to school with peri :( 

20. i like to put effort in to my work if i like the subject if i dont i dont even bother to learn 

21. Me and Bec are moving to mexico to be fun club people ;) 

22. me and chemelle wanna go to london fashion collage and be reall coool kids. BUt she is a big rhino so she might not get in :| 

23. im glad i have all the people in my life atm because if i dint i would be a bit boredd :/// 

24. i love wild child :D + like millions of other films but thats my fave atm :) 

25. i carnt wait for summmmer :D. Lots of jet skiin / sun / Partying

 ... Wow ! Yes I was so so cool back in 09! haha. Thought this would just be a little funny post to share with you all :)  - Also I left school 5 years ago !! How crazy haha, So so much has changed.
Hope everyone enjoyed that. 

Im Selling | Depop

Most of you will have heard of Depop by now, however if not i shall explain.. it is an app which you are able to sell / buy / swap things. You upload your items set prices etc and people shall buy all your preloved things :) Similar to ebay however i feel its more friendly and up to date plus a lot less complicated. Most users are lovely and well message you and are really nice however you get some cheeky little buggers who can be rude and treat it as if its a car boot sale! Its a bit instagram style where you can stroll through the items, like things search specific hashtags if theres something you are looking for etc. I really enjoy using it so I thought I would just write this little post to say I am selling on there :D. 
Im growing up now and need to save up for boring things like sofas and kitchen tables so I'm just trying to raise a bit of cash for that really :). 

Im selling mainly beauty and fashion items, if you message me to say you have seen my blogpost I may be able to give you a little discount or throw a freebie in!! 

Search @Alex_Redfearn 

Beauty items for sale

8 little Beauty tricks | Tips & Advice #2

1. Drink loadssss of water for fresh looking skin - it really does work so just try it.

2. If your a bit sensitive when plucking your eye brows but bonjela on them and it numbs them!

3. Use savalon on everything. If i have any cut, spot whatever I always use it and it soothe my skin so well.

4. Tea Tree oil is a good fixer for redness and spots. if you apply it at night usually they are all gone by the morning. 

5. Use baby shampoo to wash your makeup brushes, you don't have to splash out on buying anything fancy. 

6. Always ask for samples at beauty counters. I know its a bit cheeky but its good to try out new products before you buy. 

7. Put your nail polish in the fridge before you use them and it will go on a lot smoother,

8. You can use baby oil instead of shaving foam for smooth shiny legs. 

Gingerbreadsmiles | Guest post #3

Firstly I’d like to thank Alex for letting me post on her little piece of the internet. I hope she is having fun away on her travels!
Today I’m showing you my current skincare favourites and how I use them in my morning and night time regime.

These are my staple skincare items that I use every morning and night to ensure fresh skin when I wake up to go out and clean skin when I go to bed.

The Body Shop – Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash
This face wash is perfect for my combination to oily skin as it is very gentle but also perfectly cleansing. This gives me a lovely deep clean which doesn’t leave my skin too dry! I’m on my second tube and would definitely go back again for more when I finish this one.

Crystal Clear – Revitalising Toner
I bought this on a whim as I wanted a new toner but I’ve found this has fitted perfectly in my routine. It is very light and refreshing and I enjoy spritzing my face with it in between washing my face and moisturising. I would say it adds a bit of moisture back into my skin which is great after cleansing.
Good Things – Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser
This is my go-to moisturiser. I tried this and loved it but then wanted to try Origins Ginzing moisturiser. I realised that was too light for my skin and so went back to this beauty. It smells very fruity, is a great thick creamy consistency that spreads perfectly and sinks into my skin with ease. 
Origins – GinZing Eye Cream
The last part of my daytime and night time routine is this luxurious eye cream. I love how delicate and smooth this eye cream is which means you only need to use a few dots underneath each eye. It brightens your skin and makes your eyes look awake!

These few skincare pieces are additions to the usual regime that I use either when I want to tackle a problem, when I want to change it up or to add a bit of pampering to my routine.
The Body Shop – Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil
This is part of my night time regime and is my holy grail. I use this after toner but before moisturising to give my skin something extra to sink in overnight. This serum-in-oil does not leave you looking like an oily mess in the morning but rather the complete opposite. You wake up with plump skin that has benefited from the extra moisture. I love it.

Lush – Grease Lightening Spot Treatment
Although not the strongest spot treatment on the market this is the most organic in terms of ingredients which makes this a great choice. For tackling spots I find it is great to soothe them and reduce the size when putting this on overnight.
Origins – Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask
I’ve only just discovered this after loving Origin’s Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask. This is specifically designed to soothe and cleanse the skin if you’re having a bad skin day. With some pretty nifty ingredients it is great to use when you feel like your face is riddled with spots!

Avon Clearskin – Pore Penetrating Invigorating Scrub
I bought this as I needed a new scrub in my life. This includes menthol which feels so crazy when you put it on your face; it almost turns my face cold! I can only assume this is good and that it is getting right into my pores! Overall I find it to be a nice scrub that I can use a few times a week.

If you have combination to oily skin I’d definitely recommend these items as they work for me!

PGL Boreatton Park | Summer 2014

So as you will know if you regularly read my blog, for the past 5/6 weeks I went work on a summer camp in shropshire. I was planning to be there for 3 months but I changed my mind and decided to come home early. I really enjoyed my time however I didn't really like the day to day running and I just wasn't enjoying it as much as I had hoped. Any one who knows me personally will know that this was a huge achiement to stay for that long. Im not outdoorsy at all I don't really like 'activities' but I thought I would give it a go cause it has been something I have always wanted to do, however it was very different to my expectations. 
I feel the only reason I stayed that long is because of the amazing people that I met there, they kept me going and now I have some friends for life ! I have gained skills such as emergency first aid and working with vulnerable children and young adults and I'm now a qualified Abseil instructor along with some other activities :D 

Lewis and I before we went on the 'Power fan'. You climb to the top harnessed up and then just jump off. Its really scary but good fun.

All the lovely people I met on my training course !

Selfie central ! My beaut uniform 

My room ! Yes I had to live in a tent. I don't know how i coped. I woke up everyday with grass in my bed, spiders all over i don't think a day went by where i didn't run away screaming from a bug in my bed.

The boys living their tent life. They pimped it out with a rug and chest of draws.

First proper day at work.

Rhianna and I before we went on the Zip wire. I loved the zip wire, again very scary but much fun.

Another little selfie in the sunshine.

Sheltering from the rain with a bag on our head while drinking wine :)

Campsite group photo ! 

Quick snap while hanging off the abseil tower ! Top instructor i am.

I am so glad I conquered this ! I had a bit of a fear of heights before this and now I'm so glad I'm over it and just jumping off the top !

My little bestie Fiona, She's at a camp in Paris I really hope I can go visit her !

Will and I at the silent disco on my last night. One of the most fun times, so surreal that people are singing and dancing to all different songs at the same time.

So yeah that was my summer. I have had so much fun and Im glad I left I think it was the right time before I got really fed up. I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope we all meet again. 
Now back to my normal life which includes lots of blogging :D