Washing my makeup brushes | Tips & Advice #1

Today I thought I would share with you how I wash my make up brushes ! I have seem to acquired a lot of brushes over the past year and now it takes me quiet a while to get through them all I have just done my most used here to show you! I find it quiet satisfying when they are all clean though :). Im not saying the best way to clean them but I think it is the most effective. 

I am using the Dr. Bronner's Magic soap. This is a sample I received from the Leeds May Meet and Charley from www.ramblingofabeautyblogger.com said it is good for washing brushes so I thought I should give it ago :). I have previously just used Johnsons baby shampoo which you can get for £1 from boots. But if you want to try out Dr. Bronners you cab pick it up Here!

I start with a tiny blob in my palm

Then swirl my brush within the soap

I then add a little water so it goes very soapy. You can usually see the colour coming off in your hand.

Then I rinse until the water runs clean ( I used this brush for this photo so that you can see the coloured water more)

I leave all my brushes to dry laid flat on a towel, usually by a window.
Make sure you DO NOT stand them back up in whatever jar you store them in. If you do while they are still wet the water can run down into the brush and loosen the glue that holds the bristles in place!

I hope you find this post useful :)


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