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*Photo stolen from Amy ! -   KateMeganLucy,  Me & Jemma

On the 21st June Me, KateMegan and Lucy went on a little road trip down to Lincoln to go to the Lincs blog meet organised by Amy from & Bell from We where all really excited in the car also a bit hot and sweaty as it was a lovely sunny day. We also got a bit frustrated as we didn't realise how far away it was and we didn't have a clue where we where going or where to park etc. (Kate got a slight bit of road range) but we finally arrived a bit late and starving. We met Bell in the town (when we found it) and she said everyone else had already set off on a little photo trail, such a lovely idea but we knew we wouldn't have time to complete it so we took one or two in the areas we could and then again managed to get lost while trying to find the meeting area ! 

 Kate, Me & Megan

We finally managed to find ASK, the Italian where we had our lunch. Everyone had a name plate so we where all muddled up to be able to meet new people. I panic ordered and choose a pizza for lunch - I wish I had pasta as the ladies next to and opersite me choose pasta and it looked and smelt amazing !  I sat next to Chloe ? I hope thats your name :D who was actually also from Hull so she can definitely join our Hull Bloggers bandwagon ;)

Me & Megan

Charley & Me

We then had a talk from a lovely lady, Una from the brand Weleda she told us all about the products and we passed a few round to have a little try, including one of Simon Cowel's fave products !

Then we had Julie who was from the Lincoln boots store who was equally as lovely, she brought us all a bag full of samples each and talked us through each different brand which was actually quiet helpful as I never think to actually ask when I'm in Boots. 

Raffle prizes where given out throughout our time in ASK which including some amazing products donated by various people and I actually managed to win myself an amazing one which I will show in my next post ;)

We also did a bit of a product swap. We all brought in old products that we don't use or are the wrong time etc to swap with each other so we could try out something new - great idea for someone like me who has a shed load of unused products :D

Over all we had a fab day. I had a catch up with my fave blogger friends had the pleasure of meeting Amy who's blog I have loved for ages and of course Bel who was the other organiser :). Can not wait for another meet up. I have so much fun every time, and love meeting new people. 

I didn't mange to chat with everyone but I thought I would add a list of all the attendees:
Natalie - Twice the Mum
Siobhan - The Beauty Baker
Rhiannon - The Sparkly Panda
Hannah - Dainty and Ivory
Sally - Sally Bee Makes
Megan - Student Style
Frankie - Crazy Blonde Gal
Phil & Ann - All Seasons
Lucy - Lucy Jane
Alicia - Alicia- Deyes

Thank you so much Bel and Amy for organising a fab meet up for us all and again sorry we was late :( haha. Had such a great time and can note air to meet you again some time.


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