Ha-Pea-Days | Guest post #2

Hello! My name is Hannah and I blog here. I'm guest blogging today for the lovely Alex as she's away on her adventures somewhere a lot further south in England than me!

For those of you that know me you'll know I'm a big girl. I'm a size 20/18 in most clothes and it's an issue that I'm sick and tired of. I often feel like just a round object! After exam stress etc and piling on the pounds while being at uni, the summer holidays is always my chance to ditch the fat and get healthier. Last summer I lost around 1 and a half stone just from the fact I was working and kept busy so had no time to eat (don't worry I still ate just not bad food). This summer is much more of an uphill struggle..I'm not working and I have no money to be able to get out and about. This means I am spending the majority of my time just in the house.

Being in the house is the main problem, there is food a few seconds walk away from me no matter where I am in the house. Boredom eating is something I have always always struggled with and so even when I'm not even a bit hungry food still finds it's way to my mouth. This is the reason I'm larger than a lot of people and I have no-one to blame but myself.

I usually wake up about 8-9am and from the moment my eyes open the battle to do what is right begins! On a good day I'll have a cup of tea and some fruit for breakfast. If I wake up later than this I'll normally have brunch instead - maybe eggs on toast or something like that. This fills me up and should..SHOULD be enough. However, depending on the time I got up and what I'm doing with my day (A lot of nothing, so the day tends to go pretty slowly) around the 2pm mark I start to get really bored and often wander into the kitchen.

I've got quite good the last few days at looking in the cupboards and walking away..something I am hugely proud of! Once mum gets in from work and tea is cooking I am managing to hold off picking at food I do not need. In our house we usually eat our tea quite early and as I don't go to bed early most evenings I again am on the prowl in the evenings.

The days go so slowly knowing I want chocolate or crisps and then fighting with myself not to have them. I get so worked up at myself sometimes for even thinking about nice food that I eat no bad food at all making my cravings a whole lot worse!

However, despite the fact that the daily battle is there and some days it's a lot more hard work than others I'm obviously doing the right things. Counting calories daily has led me to decline chocolate, cheesecake etc over just the past few days and I am SO proud of myself. Standing on the scales thing morning was a shock to say the least, I'm nearly a stone down from what I was when I got home for summer and that was only two and a half weeks ago!


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