Blush / Bronze | Top 5 Beauty Picks #2

Finally time to carry on with my series of Top 5 make up picks. today we have Blushers and Bronzers. I seem to stick to the same thing in this category. I only ever used to use Mac bronzer and that was it nothing else so I'm doing well venturing in to more, not too much more though. 
Sorry about the colouring in the photos I'm not really sure what was happening with the lighting ! 

Name: Bronzing powder
Brand: Mac
Price: £20
Where can I buy this?: In House of Fraser, Selfridges, mac stores
or online here
Likes: I love this bronzer, as I said it used to be the only one I would wear ever. It has nice pigmentation it wears well and its a nice colour. It lasts me about 6 months so for 2 a year its not really that bad at all.
Dislikes: I just wish it had no shimmer at all, I think it would be better matte.
Rating: 4.5 / 5 

Name: Fleur Blush
Brand: Mac
Price: £18
Where can I buy this?: In House of Fraser, Selfridges, mac stores
or online here
Likes: I really like the colour of this, its quiet a nice subtle summer colour. You can wear it quiet light or apply a bit heavier for more colour. This doesn't even look like I have touched it so I'm thinking it will last quiet a long time.
Dislikes: Its a bit pricey I feel for a blush. Im not sure if thats just me because I don't actually wear blush as much as I do just Bronzer. 
Rating: 4 / 5 

Name: Pomegranate
Brand: Sleek
Price: £4.49
Where can I buy this?: Boots stores, super drug and online here
Likes: I love this colour, however it is a bit dark for me! I think its a bit better in the winter just because I prefer darker in the winter. Its really nicely pigmented and such a good value for money.
Dislikes: Again I wish it didn't have glitter as I prefer matte.
Rating: 3.5 / 5 

Name: Life's a peach
Brand: Sleek
Price: £4.49
Where can I buy this?: Boots stores, super drug and online here
Likes: I prefer this colour over the pomegranate one just because its a nice lighter colour. It look lovely now the weather is a bit better. I use this for more of a natural face so I tend to put it straight on top of my base instead of using a powder first.
Dislikes: Im not sure what I dislike, I really like the colour the price is great and I would deff reccomend.
Rating: 5 / 5 

Name: Glo face and body highlighter
Brand: Sleek
Price: £6.49
Where can I buy this?: Boots stores, Superdrug and online here
Likes: This is great for a night out look. It is an all in one product which you have just sweep on. The colours are a really nice combination.
Dislikes: If you become a bit heavy handed like I do sometimes this can look a bit OTT so make sure you are light with this.
Rating: 3.5 / 5 


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