Ha-Pea-Days | Guest post #2

Hello! My name is Hannah and I blog here. I'm guest blogging today for the lovely Alex as she's away on her adventures somewhere a lot further south in England than me!

For those of you that know me you'll know I'm a big girl. I'm a size 20/18 in most clothes and it's an issue that I'm sick and tired of. I often feel like just a round object! After exam stress etc and piling on the pounds while being at uni, the summer holidays is always my chance to ditch the fat and get healthier. Last summer I lost around 1 and a half stone just from the fact I was working and kept busy so had no time to eat (don't worry I still ate just not bad food). This summer is much more of an uphill struggle..I'm not working and I have no money to be able to get out and about. This means I am spending the majority of my time just in the house.

Being in the house is the main problem, there is food a few seconds walk away from me no matter where I am in the house. Boredom eating is something I have always always struggled with and so even when I'm not even a bit hungry food still finds it's way to my mouth. This is the reason I'm larger than a lot of people and I have no-one to blame but myself.

I usually wake up about 8-9am and from the moment my eyes open the battle to do what is right begins! On a good day I'll have a cup of tea and some fruit for breakfast. If I wake up later than this I'll normally have brunch instead - maybe eggs on toast or something like that. This fills me up and should..SHOULD be enough. However, depending on the time I got up and what I'm doing with my day (A lot of nothing, so the day tends to go pretty slowly) around the 2pm mark I start to get really bored and often wander into the kitchen.

I've got quite good the last few days at looking in the cupboards and walking away..something I am hugely proud of! Once mum gets in from work and tea is cooking I am managing to hold off picking at food I do not need. In our house we usually eat our tea quite early and as I don't go to bed early most evenings I again am on the prowl in the evenings.

The days go so slowly knowing I want chocolate or crisps and then fighting with myself not to have them. I get so worked up at myself sometimes for even thinking about nice food that I eat no bad food at all making my cravings a whole lot worse!

However, despite the fact that the daily battle is there and some days it's a lot more hard work than others I'm obviously doing the right things. Counting calories daily has led me to decline chocolate, cheesecake etc over just the past few days and I am SO proud of myself. Standing on the scales thing morning was a shock to say the least, I'm nearly a stone down from what I was when I got home for summer and that was only two and a half weeks ago!

Washing my makeup brushes | Tips & Advice #1

Today I thought I would share with you how I wash my make up brushes ! I have seem to acquired a lot of brushes over the past year and now it takes me quiet a while to get through them all I have just done my most used here to show you! I find it quiet satisfying when they are all clean though :). Im not saying the best way to clean them but I think it is the most effective. 

I am using the Dr. Bronner's Magic soap. This is a sample I received from the Leeds May Meet and Charley from www.ramblingofabeautyblogger.com said it is good for washing brushes so I thought I should give it ago :). I have previously just used Johnsons baby shampoo which you can get for £1 from boots. But if you want to try out Dr. Bronners you cab pick it up Here!

I start with a tiny blob in my palm

Then swirl my brush within the soap

I then add a little water so it goes very soapy. You can usually see the colour coming off in your hand.

Then I rinse until the water runs clean ( I used this brush for this photo so that you can see the coloured water more)

I leave all my brushes to dry laid flat on a towel, usually by a window.
Make sure you DO NOT stand them back up in whatever jar you store them in. If you do while they are still wet the water can run down into the brush and loosen the glue that holds the bristles in place!

I hope you find this post useful :)

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Benefit minis | Sample Sunday #3

I have so many benefit mini samples ! They come in really handy for travelling and things as then you can fit more in to your makeup bag. 

This is my 2nd mini sample and I have now actually bought the full size. I love this product i love the consistency and the way it smoothes your pores and makes your makeup stay better. I would definatley recommend this, I have seen mixed reviews but I feel it works really well for me. It is quiet pricey but the mini is such a good size you can use this for quiet a while ! 

Fake - up 
I have been using this under my eyes for a few weeks now. I like the way it glides on and smooths out any under eye creases and covers up the eye bags. Again for a sample its a really decent size. Im not sure I would buy this full size as I don't actually NEED it. Im not sure, I'm still loving Boi-ing concealer more than this one.

Hello Flawless Oxygen wow
I really like this foundation, it is nice and light but still have a good coverage. This is a bit of a smaller sample and you can only maybe get a few uses out of this. I have bought the full size but I think I would maybe try a different foundation next time as I don't love it. I do really like it but I like to try new high end products rather than sticking to just one. 

Blush / Bronze | Top 5 Beauty Picks #2

Finally time to carry on with my series of Top 5 make up picks. today we have Blushers and Bronzers. I seem to stick to the same thing in this category. I only ever used to use Mac bronzer and that was it nothing else so I'm doing well venturing in to more, not too much more though. 
Sorry about the colouring in the photos I'm not really sure what was happening with the lighting ! 

Name: Bronzing powder
Brand: Mac
Price: £20
Where can I buy this?: In House of Fraser, Selfridges, mac stores
or online here
Likes: I love this bronzer, as I said it used to be the only one I would wear ever. It has nice pigmentation it wears well and its a nice colour. It lasts me about 6 months so for 2 a year its not really that bad at all.
Dislikes: I just wish it had no shimmer at all, I think it would be better matte.
Rating: 4.5 / 5 

Name: Fleur Blush
Brand: Mac
Price: £18
Where can I buy this?: In House of Fraser, Selfridges, mac stores
or online here
Likes: I really like the colour of this, its quiet a nice subtle summer colour. You can wear it quiet light or apply a bit heavier for more colour. This doesn't even look like I have touched it so I'm thinking it will last quiet a long time.
Dislikes: Its a bit pricey I feel for a blush. Im not sure if thats just me because I don't actually wear blush as much as I do just Bronzer. 
Rating: 4 / 5 

Name: Pomegranate
Brand: Sleek
Price: £4.49
Where can I buy this?: Boots stores, super drug and online here
Likes: I love this colour, however it is a bit dark for me! I think its a bit better in the winter just because I prefer darker in the winter. Its really nicely pigmented and such a good value for money.
Dislikes: Again I wish it didn't have glitter as I prefer matte.
Rating: 3.5 / 5 

Name: Life's a peach
Brand: Sleek
Price: £4.49
Where can I buy this?: Boots stores, super drug and online here
Likes: I prefer this colour over the pomegranate one just because its a nice lighter colour. It look lovely now the weather is a bit better. I use this for more of a natural face so I tend to put it straight on top of my base instead of using a powder first.
Dislikes: Im not sure what I dislike, I really like the colour the price is great and I would deff reccomend.
Rating: 5 / 5 

Name: Glo face and body highlighter
Brand: Sleek
Price: £6.49
Where can I buy this?: Boots stores, Superdrug and online here
Likes: This is great for a night out look. It is an all in one product which you have just sweep on. The colours are a really nice combination.
Dislikes: If you become a bit heavy handed like I do sometimes this can look a bit OTT so make sure you are light with this.
Rating: 3.5 / 5 

isayimposterista.com | Guest post #1

Hello all, I'm Nic. I usually blog over at isayimposterista.com but today I'm guest posting for Alex. Seeing as I'm doing this because Alex is on her travels, I thought I'd do a travel themed post about my favourite place in the world: Paris.

Whenever I go to the city of light I always stay in Montmatre, and in Montmatre there is the Sacre Couer, which boasts the best view of Paris, it's simply wonderful to look over the city avec pizza and red wine of an evening. It's so great that even the Parisians do it.

Whilst exploring the city, I can't help but go back to the monuments time and time again; the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame, and, of course the Eiffel Tower. These iconic buildings are quintessentially French, I've even been to the top of the Eiffel Tower, right to the top (it was worth the extra €7. 

And finally, you can't talk about the city without mentioning the food. Obviously the best places to eat in Paris are red top Cafe's, and they aren't always as expensive as people would have you believe.

I hope you enjoyed my ramble, and I hope you'll all pop over to my blog if you liked this post.



Neutrogena Visibly clear pink grapefruit wash | Sample Sunday #2

Another sample sunday ! Im enjoying searching through my samples to choose which one I shall try each week. This time I have chosen this Neutrogena facial wash. I was given this at the Lincoln blog meet by the lovely lady that came from Boots to chat with us. She was so nice and brought us bags full of samples, chatted with us and answered any questions we had. One thing I did note is that she said after you have washed your face you should always moisturise after because when you wash you take away all the good oils etc so its good to restore them with your creme. I will always keep that in mind as sometimes (on a night mostly) I do forget.

So on to the sample, there is enough for two uses in this as it is quiet a big size. There was about 4 of these samples in my bag! Im glad though because they are handy to take on an over night trip where you would only use it morning and night. 
The smell of this is amazing! Pink grapefruit scent is so yummy and really fresh too. It was a really gentle foaming wash that left my skin feeling clean and soft. I like that as I have really sensitive skin. I would recommend this and I have actually bought this now in full size to use once I have finished the one I am currently using. 

Lincs Blog Meet - Goodies | Summer meet June

Everybody loves a good nosey in to what you have bought, received won, swapped etc and I am no exception so I thought I would share with you today what I received at the Lincs Blog meet. Bel and Amy did so well contacting some amazing brands that sent us lots of goodies for us to try. They also had some fab raffle prizes too which I was lucky enough to win. Andd as I said in my other post all about the meet we also took along products to swap! I took 20 different products, yes I hoard a lot. I came home with 4 items that I had swapped so significantly reduced my stash ;). So on too all the photos of all the products !
(Sorry for the photo heavy post) 

All the items in our goody bag from Amy & Bel and samples from the lovey lady at boots.

The perfumes that was inside my discovery club box. I love trying out samples.

A veryyy cute little necklace and a cook book given to us by ASK where we had our meal !

The items I swapped for! I haven't tried any of these products before so I thought it would be great to try them out.

Saved the best till last - I won this amazing prize donated by Shade station! I was so over whelemed I never really win anything and this was the best possible prize. I have wanted some Ray Bans for so long so now I have some :D There look pretty cool too ;) haha.

Thank you again to Amy and Bel who did an amazing job organising & to all the brands involved !

TIGI Bed Head - Dumb Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner | Sample Sunday #1

*New series alert* woo woooo. So over the past few months I have accumulated so so many samples! So I thought to make myself work through them all I would make a new little series called Sample Sunday ! So every sunday I shall just do a little mini review of the one I have used that week. I will hopefully get through quiet a few of them doing it this way. I really like trying samples as then you can determine if you like it enough to buy a full size. Especially when the products are at a higher price point you want to make sure you are spending your hard eared pennies well :).

First up is a sample I picked up during Hull Fashion Week, from Originals Hair rooms where I had a hair consultation which was quiet fun! 
Its from the TIGI Bed head range. I have used this range before but not the Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

The sample was enough for 2 uses so I managed to asses it pretty well :). The consistency was just right. I hate when its too 'liquidy' if that makes sense. I prefer when it is thicker. 
I enjoyed using this as it smelt really nice and left my hair really soft and shiny. Also as it has the blonde element I can see that my hair does look lighter after just two washes ! So I'm really impressed with that! I think the full size is slightly pricy but I have seen they some times sell it in TK Maxx so I shall keep my eye out. I would defiantly buy the full size :). 

Hope you like this mini review and let me know if you like the idea on this type of post!

Lincs Blog Meet | Summer meet June

*Photo stolen from Amy ! -   KateMeganLucy,  Me & Jemma

On the 21st June Me, KateMegan and Lucy went on a little road trip down to Lincoln to go to the Lincs blog meet organised by Amy from www.cocktailsinteacups.com & Bell from www.journeysaremydiary.com We where all really excited in the car also a bit hot and sweaty as it was a lovely sunny day. We also got a bit frustrated as we didn't realise how far away it was and we didn't have a clue where we where going or where to park etc. (Kate got a slight bit of road range) but we finally arrived a bit late and starving. We met Bell in the town (when we found it) and she said everyone else had already set off on a little photo trail, such a lovely idea but we knew we wouldn't have time to complete it so we took one or two in the areas we could and then again managed to get lost while trying to find the meeting area ! 

 Kate, Me & Megan

We finally managed to find ASK, the Italian where we had our lunch. Everyone had a name plate so we where all muddled up to be able to meet new people. I panic ordered and choose a pizza for lunch - I wish I had pasta as the ladies next to and opersite me choose pasta and it looked and smelt amazing !  I sat next to Chloe ? I hope thats your name :D who was actually also from Hull so she can definitely join our Hull Bloggers bandwagon ;)

Me & Megan

Charley & Me

We then had a talk from a lovely lady, Una from the brand Weleda she told us all about the products and we passed a few round to have a little try, including one of Simon Cowel's fave products !

Then we had Julie who was from the Lincoln boots store who was equally as lovely, she brought us all a bag full of samples each and talked us through each different brand which was actually quiet helpful as I never think to actually ask when I'm in Boots. 

Raffle prizes where given out throughout our time in ASK which including some amazing products donated by various people and I actually managed to win myself an amazing one which I will show in my next post ;)

We also did a bit of a product swap. We all brought in old products that we don't use or are the wrong time etc to swap with each other so we could try out something new - great idea for someone like me who has a shed load of unused products :D

Over all we had a fab day. I had a catch up with my fave blogger friends had the pleasure of meeting Amy who's blog I have loved for ages and of course Bel who was the other organiser :). Can not wait for another meet up. I have so much fun every time, and love meeting new people. 

I didn't mange to chat with everyone but I thought I would add a list of all the attendees:
Natalie - Twice the Mum
Siobhan - The Beauty Baker
Rhiannon - The Sparkly Panda
Hannah - Dainty and Ivory
Sally - Sally Bee Makes
Megan - Student Style
Frankie - Crazy Blonde Gal
Phil & Ann - All Seasons
Lucy - Lucy Jane
Alicia - Alicia- Deyes

Thank you so much Bel and Amy for organising a fab meet up for us all and again sorry we was late :( haha. Had such a great time and can note air to meet you again some time.