Your worst habits | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 22

I could find an image that I liked so we are having this one today :)

I do have a few 'Bad habits' - think this will be different for everyone though as some people wouldn't see some bad habits as a bad thing so I suppose its how you interoperate it ?? 

Biting my nails - I have always done this. I try not to but personally I don't like long nails ! They get in the way and I don't think they look nice at all. My mum tells me off for doing it but I just think well they are my nails and I don't want the to look like your long claws !! 

Speaking my mind - I sometimes forget that people may take offence to what I say and just blurt things out when maybe I should have thought about it before hand. 

Forgetting dates - I suppose this isn't a 'Bad habit' but it is really annoying. I think its to do with me being dyslexic to be honest. 

Over thinking - I am really bad for over thinking things. I get wrapped up in what ifs and looking in to things too much. I know I'm doing it but I cannot stop. 

I cannot really think of anything else ?? What do you class as a bad habit ??


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