Your favourite blogs | 30 Day blogging challenge day 17

I have lots of favourite blogs !! I shall make a list make sure you give them all a follow :)

I Love all the Hull Bloggers :) 

Courtney  /  Lucy / Mars / Chelsea / Anna / Em

I Loveee Kate ! She is such a great person. I didn't expect to love her as much as I do. I met her at the Hull blogger meet and we have met up a few times since. Her blog is so to the point and she is such a down to earth writer, her posts always make me laugh. Hers is the one blog I always check first to see what she's being writing about! I love how opinionated she can be and I think thats just why I like her. Much Love for Kate ox.

Charley is my event idol. We met as she planned the hull meet up. again we have met up a few times since and now we are planning on organising a meet up together ! Her blog is soo beauty filled she makes me want to buy things! I feel like we have always been friends :) and I hope we are for a very long time oxo.

Again another fabulous Hull blogger. Hannah is hilarious, I love her blog and her funny little posts. Another very down to earth girl who I really admire. She cooked for me which is always a winner in my eyes. She's such a lovely person and deserves more readers of her blog, she is a newbie so show her the love :)

I am sooo envious of Megans photo taking ability! You know when you read a blog and see the photos and think wow your so suave .. thats Megan! Another amazing Hull Blogger who is beautiful inside and out. I am looking forward to attending more meet ups with her in the future and hopefully getting her to just come take all my photos too ! 

I have only met Hayley once but with have chatted so much it doesn't feel that way. She is one of the nicest bloggers I know. I love her blog and I have been reading it of ages now !  I love her dating posts on her blog ! Such a funny read. She is always so helpful and chatty on twitter and is amazing at organising meet ups! Can not wait to get to meet her again in the future. 

Amys blog is always so heart warming. I feel like I just want to hug her after I read some if her posts, her little daughter is the cutest ! I can not wait to meet her at the next meet up I am attending. I have followed her blog for ages so I kinda feel like I know her.

I really like Rebeccas blog its always one I will make sure I read. I find her posts interesting and always something worthwhile reading. I have never met her but I just think she is a lovely blogger and I would love to chat to her more :).

Helens blog is one I have followed for years. Her outfit posts are always beautiful I'm very envious. I love reading her tweets to as they always seems to make me giggle. she has recently being doing a lot of baking posts so I really want to make some of what she has they look deelish. 

I hope you at least check out one of these beautiful bloggers as you will not be disappointed ! They are all amazing and have such great posts. If you have any one to recommend to me please do as I love finding new people to follow :)

Who are your faves??

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  1. LOVE a good bloggers recommendation, going to check all these out to see if I can find a good new read! Thank you :)

    Chloe x


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