'Your blogs name' | 30 Day Blog challenge Day 1

So I decided on the name Champagne and Lemonade ox. as I have always lived by the quote: 

'Champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget'

I seem to always be treating myself to things and going out and spending money and I really don't know how I afford it ! I love living a carefree life and not worrying about how much it costs. Don't get me wrong I don't just pop out and buy designer items all the time and I don't go to expensive bars but I like to think I can (I really cannot) I do believe in work hard play hard, whats the point in working hard all the time and not enjoy your free time.
Enjoy each and everyday as you only get one life !

Hope you liked my first post in the 30 day blog challenge !

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  1. Ahh I agree with you totally. Work hard, play harder!
    Looking forward to reading your challenge posts lovely!
    Daniela | danielascribbles blog xo


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