What is in your closet | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 27

I love having an organised wardrobe ... Everythhing has a place and I like to be able to easily find what I need :). I hope you are nosey enough to want a peak inside my little wardrobe. This is my summer clothing. To show you all would be too many photos! I have all my wintery clothes packed away, all my holiday clothes packed away and then all my coats and jackets in another wardrobe ! Farrr too many clothes so this is just my current section.

The shelfs down the side I have:
On the top DVDS .. they have always lived there ! & a box of random things.
Next is my trousers and jeans, this pile is looking small for some reason?
Then its summer skirts and shorts 
On the bottom shelf which you cannot see is gym clothes and trainers. 
I also have my 3 most worn every day necklaces hung up, and a few random bits stuck inside the door.

These are all my summer dresses and tops. They are in a specific order, going out dresses, casual everyday dresses, and then going out tops, casual tops. 

Flat everyday shoes live in the box and then I have my ankle boots just at the side and my new summer wedges just chilling there at the top. (they don't have a home yet!)

Boxed shoes live at the top. and then a few extra pairs that don't seems to have a place. There are my old Uggs and my Hunter wellies hiding behind there too.


  1. Now that is what you call organised! Come sort mine out?! It's a tip!

  2. THE COATHANGERS !! They're real!!! hahaha xxx


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