What are you afraid of | 30 Day blog challenge Day 6

Right okay so this might be a slightly crazy post ...
I have a few fears and they are not really that normal, but then again I'm never 'normal'. People often think I'm joking when I tell them but no I'm really serious so here goes ..

I have a very strange fear of Jelly Babies , yes those sweets that come in the yellow box ! Oh my goodness I hate them ! The smell, the sight, the thought! I just have a very strange fear where I just don't want them any where near me. I know its really stupid and I really don't know why but yeah Jelly babies .. They should not exist ! 

Mannequins .. Im actually trying to get over this one. I used to hate all types but now I can cope with the ones that don't have a head in shops if that makes sense, My worse is Madame Tussauds style ones.  Two years ago I did take the huge step to go to the one in London and I had a mini panic attack in the queue but I did it and I felt so brave. I just think they are going to jump out and actually be alive. 

Static electricity. Again really strange, you know like on huge sheets of table clothes where the static goes all clingy and you get an electric shock, ohhhhh I just cannot even touch them it makes want to cry at the thought! 

And finally a more serious one I have sleep anxiety and as soon as I turn my lights off to sleep if i hear a noise or see something I start to panic ! Not sure why, I wish it didn't happen but I'm sure i will get over it at some point. 

Do you have any strange fears or is it just me being crazy?

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  1. Oh bless you, everyone has such different fears! Its good that your slowly getting better with them though x


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