Proudest moment | 30 Day blog challenge Day 5

I had to really have a think about this one as I'm really not sure. I haven't really had many moments in my life when I have been proud .. not sure if i really have a anything to be proud of ?

I think I would say one of my happiest proudest moments is when I was accepted in to London College of Fashion. I have never wanted something so badly! I had my heart set on going there for as long as I could remember.

I applied as soon as i was able to do and was thrilled when I was accepted for an interview. Me and my mum travelled down to London taking all my portfolio of work. I arrived at my interview and was instructed to write a bit of a essay as to who inspires me the most .. Obviously I wrote Vivienne Westwood ! I love her but I'm not sure if I still think the is my sole inspiration .. hmm not sure thats a whole other story.

ANY WAY.. I then had a one on one interview with two of the tutors, I don't actually remember anything about it apart from me chatting on non stop ! its all a blur I was just too excited to be there.

I was told I shall be contacted either way so I checked my emails and the post box every chance I could ! One day I was going to work but I popped in to Next before hand with my mum, my dad rang me to say a letter had arrived from LCF .. i didn't know what to do I was shaking but I said just open it and tell me, cause I would have been on edge all day if not.

All I remember is him saying you best start looking for somewhere to live in London !! I screamed my head off and so did my mum - In the middle of next :| - we where both crying our eyes out. I was so proud of myself as I know so so many people applied and there was only about 150 people on my course. I think seeing my mum an dad so proud made me feel even more proud !

Hope you enjoyed that little story ;).
How much do I rabble on ! Sorry guys I just have so much to say haha.

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