Leeds May Meet | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 9

Todays post is supposed to be whats in your bag but I only recently did that post (You can read it here), so I thought it would be too 'samey'. So instead I thought I would take the opportunity to talk about the Leeds May Meet!

Charley // Saida // Katie // Me

Firstly it was organised by the amazing 
Hayley from teapartybeauty.com
she did such an amazing job in the run up getting us all excited using our twitter hashtag and doing competitions etc everyone was very excited to meet up. 

The venue was Baracoa Luxe Bar in Leeds and it was just perfect to fit us all in have a mingle and eat cakes ! 
Hayley asked everyone to bake so that we would all have snacks on the day. The night before I made brownies for the first time ever which where alright ! and lime cheese cakes which where yummy if I do say so myself :). 

Enjoying my Lime cheesecakes

On the saturday morning I travelled on the train to Leeds with: 
Megan www.student-stylexo.co.uk 
 Charley www.ramblingofabeautyblogger.com .

Once we got to Leeds we then met up with :

And we headed over to the venue. There was so many lovely bloggers their, I wish I could have spoken to more of them as everyone seemed so nice. Hopefully next time I can :) 

Me being the really good blogger that I am didn't take many photos on the day ! So please check out all the other girls posts for amazing photography!

So not only did lots of bloggers meet up we got to chat to some amazing brands too first we went to ESPA Skincare who did some sensual testing and gave us personalised goody bags that are amazing! Im using these bits at the moment to try them out ! They all smell so good. all day I just looked like a crazy woman sniffing my arm.

We then made our own bath bombs at Lush and they also gave us some exciting products to try. I have used my footmark so far, it feel so good. Me and Charley have decided we need to go to the Lush spa ! 

Next was Eve Taylor, the man their testing out a facial cleansing serum on my hand omg it smelt so good, made me feel so relaxed and his hands where just so so soft ! Once i get through the millions of samples he gave us I shall hopefully be ordering the cleanser !

Cohorted where also there and brought along some pretty looking cupcakes, I wasn't sure what Cohorted was but since the meet I have made my first order. Its such a fab website you all need to get on it ! 

There was also Rock Pamper Scissors but unfortunately I didn't get chance to chat with them.

And lastly a fashion brand, Uncommon Nonsense brought along some gorgeous handmade dresses. 

Yes we had to carry all this around Leeds and then on the train home Work out = DONE !

The Lush Bag sadly didn't make it so here is the products we where given by them.

Espa goody bag stuffed to the brim with amazing products !

All the samples given to us from Eve Taylor

The AMAZING goody bag from Hayley !

Hayley also gave us the biggest goody bags you ever did see ! With tonnes of amazing products in that will take me till next year to got through them all. 

Thank you so so much Hayley I had a fab day, and so glad I got to make some lovely new blogger friends. 

Also Thank you to all the brands we received products from, I have included a few photos of what we received but I want to write up some blog posts of reviews etc so they may be a while coming as I need to use it all first ! 

All links are hyperlinked so check out the bloggers and the brands, and I hope you don't mind that this post isn't part of the blogger challenge it shall carry on as normal now :)

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  1. What a fantastic opportunity!! Great haul too! xx



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