If you won the lottery | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 23

Ok so you know a few posts ago I said I am an over thinker so this is definitely a thing I would over think. Obviously everyone things about winning the lottery so here are a few thoughts:

If I won the lottery this would be my shoe collection.

I don't think I would tell any one because I wouldn't want to HAVE to give some of my money to people :( not cause I'm greedy just I think people seem to expect to be given some ?

I would surprise people with gifts all the time and everyone would think I'm a genuinely nice person

I would be sensible and put it in to saving and use it to buy a house and a car

I think I would have to buy a celine bag - It is my dream !!

I would go on a crazy amazing holiday - possibly just travel the world ?

I would buy all the things I lust over but think there are to pricey to actually spend money on.

I would defiantly go to all the restaurants that are like £100 for one meal - like Heston Blumenthal !! 

How would you spend all your lottery winnings? 
Would you tell any one?


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  2. I'd buy a house for me & my fiance, and if I won a lot! lol a house on a farm for my Mama, Travel with my fiance, take home a few puppies :) ..... buy a few nice gifts for close family & friends, And save up the rest?.

  3. I could not agree more with buying that shoe collection and trying to keep it to myself! I'd tell close friends and family but not everyone because I agree; people always expect to be given something for nothing, even if it was only £100!

    Sian x

  4. Thank you for your comments girls :)
    A few puppies Jade ? how many is a few .. is this going to be something like 101 dalmations ;) haha.
    Sian I know I think it would be expected and thats not fair is it !
    Alex oxox.


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