Favourite Childhood book | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 12

I love reading so so much, once I get in to a book I find it really hard to put it down so I actually tend to read them very quickly  Especially on holiday .. I read at least 3 in the week ! Any way back to the post (got to always have a ramble) 
When I was little my mum bought me all the beatatrix potter books when I was born and I always had them in my room as a child, they where always very special too me and I still have them somewhere.

My favourite books though was the Jaquline Wilson ones. I have read every single one of them .. well until i was about 15 so any after then I haven't haha. But yeah they where always my favourite, I think they taught you life lessons you need to know as a teenager and are real life situations so you can put your self in to the shoes of the character. I used to love it when a new one would be realised !

Sorry this seems like a slightly boring post :( I don't really know what else to say about it. Lets look forward to tomorrow instead !!


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