Dream Job | Blog challenge Day 4

This is one of my favourite questions to be asked in an interview as I think the interviewer always think its a really hard one but as I have thought about it i just think oh this ones's easy ;)

I have various 'Dream Jobs' that I would LOVE to do and some more realistic jobs that are more realistic. 

1. Ski instructor. 
Ever since I have been going I have always wanted to do it as a job. I love skiing so so much and I think I would just be the happiest ever skiing everyday and having so much fun! Maybe one day I can.

2. Own my own Fashion Boutique
I think this is actually my future plan. I absolutely love boutiques and have always dreamt of owning one. I would like to sell my own little creations and other stock and I would want customers to pop in just for a chat and a culpa tea ooh ad maybe some cake as well :)

3. PR / Marketing maven
I love anything to do with PR and Marketing thats why I am studying it. Working within a company for a brand that I am passionate about just like a great job too me. 

4. Working within Advertising. 
I over analyse adverts sooo much. anything to do with learning about why people buy and our culture all that links in with advertisements I think it is so interesting and it would be something I would like to study more. 

5. Buying
How much fun would shopping as your job be ! Yes I know its not just shopping but looking at future trends, going to trade fairs looking at pattern shapes colour it all amazes me ! 

(and finally a last cheeky one)
6. Chef.
Well maybe not a chef but I love cooking and I would like to learn a lot more about it. I think I would like to own a restaurant ! That would be fun :) 

Im defiantly going to look back at this post and change my mind completely haha. We shall see I think anything in the world of fashion will be the job for me and if not I will just going skiing for a bit :). 

Whats your dream job? 


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