Best Trip of your life | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 10

I am really fortune to be able to say I have been able to travel to a lot of places. My parents LOVE to go on holiday and especially the past 7/8 years I have travelled to some amazing places and had some amazing experiences that are irreplaceable.

I have also had the opportunity to travel when I was at High school and university. I feel that learning about different cultures, the way other people live, work, eat is valuble knowledge that you cannt learn in a class room !
When at school they always used to say that parents shouldn’t take children out of school for holidays and yes fair enough school is more important than a trip to butlins or something but if you have the opportunity to go some where like Africa im sure you will learn a lot more their then you will in a dull classroom for a week ! 

If you are presented with any possible opportunity to travel DO IT ! Go have fun, learn, experience & create memories.

There is no way I can pick one trip that has been the best as each time I travel I love it just as much as the last time. When thinking about this post I tried to remember every country I have been to so I thought I would list them & include photos.

– 3 times with school Skiing


– Malaga too many times to count, Magaluff x2, Menorca, 1 time with school.


– Kos for a big party holiday, all my 6th form friends.

- For my cousins wedding

South Africa 
– x4 Various places within

– Twice to areas I can not remember and twice to Paris

– x2 on the ferry

- On the ferry




- New York


(sorry I can not find any photos for these)
– On a school trip
– Once and just booked to go again
Canery Islands
 – Gran caneria x2
 – Marmaris x2
Dominican Republic

I don't think I have forgotten anywhere ! 
I really want to go to Morocco, Australia, Miami and Thailand !

Where have you been travelling too? 
Any where you would recommend? 


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