5 current goals | 30 Day blog challenge Day 8

1. Get a placement 
I have been looking for a year now :( I only have till september to get one and I really really hope I do. 

2. Keep fit + drop a dress size 
Im going to the gym as much as possible and trying to live a bit more of a healthy lifestyle. I have cut out snacks so much! so I feel I am on the right track.

3. Go to more blog events 
I have been to 5 already this year and I have two more planned ! Im also hoping to organise one with my little bloggy pal Charley - www.ramblingofabeautyblogger.com

As a little side note if you want to check out what I got up to at my latest meet please go visit Charley post about it here! I did well and took NO photos! I will be blogging about it at some point !  

4. Keep on top of blog organisation 
Im doing so well recently with planning posts and scheduling, obviously this challenge is helping and I'm really enjoying it. 

5. Keep up with good skin care.
Im on top of my skin care game right now! Im loving trying new products and i really am in a good routine so I really want to keep it up :)


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