10 favourite foods! | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 11

If you follow me on Pinterest you will know my 'yummy board' is probably my most pinned ! I love food and I really enjoy cooking. If any one recommends exciting recipes definitely send them my way ! I will come cook for you if you provide ingredients ;).

1. Potatoes - I love potatoes  so so much I would eat them with every meal if I could !! Cooked I any form they are my fave.

2. Mexican food - my favourite cuisine for sure. Nachos <3

3. Sweet & sour chicken - always been a firm favourite of mine.

4. Pomegranate, raspberry and mango flavoured anything !!

5. Spanish tapas - mine and the boyf fave.

6. Spinich / kale / avocado - love these little additions to a meal but not blended and Yakky.

7. Hoi sin / plum sauce - with stir fry or Chinese duck and pancakes

8. Cheese ! I Love Cheese !! Especially if it's with a chutney.

9. Salted caramel - OH MY GOD

10. Sea food - I always order seafood from any restaurant. It's my go to dish especially if it has prawns in.

While on the subject of food, Im am working with a company in Hull who are running Yum Food Festival (similar to my Hull Fashion Week job). We are looking for foodie bloggers to get involved ! 
If you would like to be involved please email me: 
Twitter: @yumfoodfest

Hope to hear from a few of you :)


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