Resolutions 6 months on.. | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 30

This post was supposed to be 'Your hopes for your blog' but I fancied changing it to an update on my new years resolutions 6 months on so here we are :)

1. JOIN The GYM !! - Done

I joined in the gym in January in Mnachester and when I moved back to Hull I joined the gym at home too. Well done me. 

2. Go to a blog meet up - Done

Yayy I have been to 4 so far ! Im so happy because I have met some amazing bloggers.

3. Do something with my summer :D - Doing
Woooooo I'm currently working at a summer camp, so so glad I'm doing something.

4. Pamper my self more often.
Haven't really got around to doing this :( I shall plan to do so after I'm back from camp :).

5. Visit some of my friends who live in other cities. 

I have been for two nights out in leeds, and visited two friends in London but my friends who where at uni have now left their cities so I don't get to visit :(

6. Read more books. - Doing
I have read a few so far :)

7. Learn how to use my new camera. - Doing
Im using as I learn ;).

8. Have a healthy lifestyle without it being a 'chore'. - Doing
I am making lots of healthy choices :D 

9. Keep all my uni notes neat, tidy and organised. - Done
Managed to keep all my notes organised for the rest of my 2nd uni year 

10. Build my makeup collection by buying 1 high end item a month. 
Ermm im not actually sure about this I have been buying a mix to be honest ! I have deffinaltly got more than I did in January !!

I hope you enjoyed my 30 day June blogging challenge. Im so happy with myself for completing the whole month with only 2 days being missed but I still wrote them any way just not on the day! some days have been not as interesting as others, but I feel like I have shared quiet a bit more about me now :) If you would like mw to do this again, let me know :)

Hope you have had a lovely month. 

A confession | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 29

So might be a good time to tell you my plans for the next three months :) 

I found out last week that I have been offered a job to work on a summer camp. This is some thing I have been wanting to do for about 5 years now and I have applied several times and now I ave finally got the the chance ! Im working with a company called PGL. They are based in several locations all over England and then also in Spain and France. I will be based not far from Shrewsburry which is in the west midlands. I have never been to this area of England before so I am looking forward to seeing whats around there. 
As you are reading this I will be in Surrey on a 10 day training camp learning everything I need to know about the job role. 

So what does it involve? 
I will be a Group leader / activity instructor. This means I will lead a group of children around all their activities, participate in some of them play games and basically have lots of fun :D 
I will be working 6 days a week so this means I will not have not have as much time for blogging :( that does not mean I'm going to stop ! I will do the best I can before I leave to write up lots and schedule. I also have some guest posts lined up which will be fun. If you would like to guest post for me please feel free to drop me an email:

So yeah mega excited about this. Iv had a crazy 12 days to organise myself ready to go! I have had to pack everything in to just a suitcase. I have had to book trains, cancel plans, sort out where I need to be on certain days etc its been a bit over whelming but also really exciting. Im so glad I have this opportunity to do something that I have wanted to do in ages. 

So if I'm a bit M.I.A at times please bear with me cause I'm doing my best I promise :) !!
Thank you all for your continued support of reading my blog ox. 

Most embarrassing moment | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 28

Everyone has random embarrassing moments I cannot really think of something that just stands out as MOST embarrassing. I don't really get embarrassed easily to be honest. 

Im a realllly clumsy person so Im always falling over and things like that and sometimes that can be embarrassing I guess. 

I get embarrassed when parents or people who are older than me speak about 'sexual' things. I think its sooo cringe! No mum I do not want to know where I was conceived thank you :|

I also get embarrassed when people say oh I know your blog ! Im not sure why. I just don't like the thought of someone I actually know saying they have read my posts. It still feels a bit funny I guess, I reckon I will get used to it at some point :)

What is in your closet | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 27

I love having an organised wardrobe ... Everythhing has a place and I like to be able to easily find what I need :). I hope you are nosey enough to want a peak inside my little wardrobe. This is my summer clothing. To show you all would be too many photos! I have all my wintery clothes packed away, all my holiday clothes packed away and then all my coats and jackets in another wardrobe ! Farrr too many clothes so this is just my current section.

The shelfs down the side I have:
On the top DVDS .. they have always lived there ! & a box of random things.
Next is my trousers and jeans, this pile is looking small for some reason?
Then its summer skirts and shorts 
On the bottom shelf which you cannot see is gym clothes and trainers. 
I also have my 3 most worn every day necklaces hung up, and a few random bits stuck inside the door.

These are all my summer dresses and tops. They are in a specific order, going out dresses, casual everyday dresses, and then going out tops, casual tops. 

Flat everyday shoes live in the box and then I have my ankle boots just at the side and my new summer wedges just chilling there at the top. (they don't have a home yet!)

Boxed shoes live at the top. and then a few extra pairs that don't seems to have a place. There are my old Uggs and my Hunter wellies hiding behind there too.

What is your hidden talent | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 26

When writing this post I asked my boyfriend what he thought my 'Hidden talent' is. His reply ...

Your ability to not know all the words to a full song and seamlessly substitute 'ner ner nerrrr her me nerrr' in their place ;) why don't you write that?

Hmm okay probably not what I'm looking for ? I really don't think I have a hidden talent. Im good at things but I don't necessarily have a talent. I used to play the violin at school, I used to go to dance class. I'm good at sewing and pattern cutting but I wouldn't really say that these are hidden talents? 

I feel like some of these 30 day blog challenge posts are not really relevant to me but I still wanted to write for everyday. So sorry If some of the days aren't very interesting. But some of the other days make up for it :)

Hope everyone is having a good day! - Only 4 days left of June .. Where is this year disappearing too ? 

Your biggest regret | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 25

I have been thinking about this for ages now and I really do not know what it is. I don't have regrets, I always try to take every opportunity possible. I don't ever want to have regrets, I'm sure I will but right now I can no think of anything I particularly regret. 
I love the quote Carpe Diem, it means Seize the day! I think this is important because you really should. You never know what is going to happen. I have previously rambled about all this good stuff so I won't any more :)
I hope your all having a lovely day ! 

- I also just want to mention in two days I am packing up my stuff again and relocating for a new job. I think I shall just write up a blog post all about instead of slipping it in here sooo wait and see :D also I am looking for guest bloggers! Please see my page labelled 'guest bloggers' (How convenient!)if you are interested in doing so. 

What attracts you in Love | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 24

Since I have been with my boyfriend Darren for 5 years I thought I would write about what attracts me to him :)

We both love the same type of things like music, going out, films you know the general things.

We know not to take each other seriously and we are always winding each other up! I love that quality because you should really take life to seriously. 

He always knows what to say and do. If I'm upset, mad or confused he just sorts me right out. 

Linking to that he's always there when I need him. 

He knows how to easily make me laugh. 

He gorgeous .. obviously. 

We get along so well and we can literally talk about anything 

He's my best fiend :)

If you won the lottery | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 23

Ok so you know a few posts ago I said I am an over thinker so this is definitely a thing I would over think. Obviously everyone things about winning the lottery so here are a few thoughts:

If I won the lottery this would be my shoe collection.

I don't think I would tell any one because I wouldn't want to HAVE to give some of my money to people :( not cause I'm greedy just I think people seem to expect to be given some ?

I would surprise people with gifts all the time and everyone would think I'm a genuinely nice person

I would be sensible and put it in to saving and use it to buy a house and a car

I think I would have to buy a celine bag - It is my dream !!

I would go on a crazy amazing holiday - possibly just travel the world ?

I would buy all the things I lust over but think there are to pricey to actually spend money on.

I would defiantly go to all the restaurants that are like £100 for one meal - like Heston Blumenthal !! 

How would you spend all your lottery winnings? 
Would you tell any one?

Your worst habits | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 22

I could find an image that I liked so we are having this one today :)

I do have a few 'Bad habits' - think this will be different for everyone though as some people wouldn't see some bad habits as a bad thing so I suppose its how you interoperate it ?? 

Biting my nails - I have always done this. I try not to but personally I don't like long nails ! They get in the way and I don't think they look nice at all. My mum tells me off for doing it but I just think well they are my nails and I don't want the to look like your long claws !! 

Speaking my mind - I sometimes forget that people may take offence to what I say and just blurt things out when maybe I should have thought about it before hand. 

Forgetting dates - I suppose this isn't a 'Bad habit' but it is really annoying. I think its to do with me being dyslexic to be honest. 

Over thinking - I am really bad for over thinking things. I get wrapped up in what ifs and looking in to things too much. I know I'm doing it but I cannot stop. 

I cannot really think of anything else ?? What do you class as a bad habit ??

What makes you sad | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 21

1. When I see that other people are sad. 
2. When I watch a sad film
3. Not being able to see Darren (My boyfriend)
4. That all the nicest foods are the highest calorie foods
5. When I miss out on something that I really want to do.

Its really hard to think of these ! Sorry Im not feeling Sad right now so this is all I can think of. This makes me sad that I can not think of more sentences. Maybe I am just too happy right now :)
I hope you are happy too. 

What makes you happy | 30 Day blogging challenge day 20

1. Spending time with the people I love Family, Boyfriend and friends.

2. Blogging! That makes me happy especially when people leave lovely comments and it gives me amazing opportunities.

3. Eating! Yeah it makes me happy. I love trying new things and I love eating out! 

4. Shopping !! Obviously, I get so excited when I find a bargain or I plan to buy a new product that I'm going to love. 

5. Travelling makes me very happy. I want to travel as much as possible, I even love just getting the train from Manchester to Hull!

6. Seeing the people I love happy. especially when I know I have made them happy. 

7. Reading my favourite blogs and watching youtube vids. You know when your just smiling at the computer screen thinking how much you can relate to the blogger! 

8. Doing fun activities! I love having plans to do new things like going to a different city or doing something new. I have planed to go to harry potter world, go on a zip wire and go in door sky diving! 

9. Achieving goals. I love working towards something and getting the perfect end result. (Like doing this challenge) 

10.  Generally enjoying life. If its sunny I'm happy, if my friends make me laugh I'm happy, if I know Im going to see my boyfriend at the weekend I'm happy :) :) - You should always try to be happpppppy.

* Pinterest makes me happy - Thats where I source all my images.

Your favourite movie | 30 Day blogging challenge day 19

I don't think I actually have a favourite movie. I have lots that I love, and you know if I love it because I shall own it on DVD. I only have about 20 DVD's haha. The boyf always laughs at me, but he has loads so its not like we need more really. I shall just list a few different ones that I like :)

1. Sex and the city 1 & 2 - Love both of these, Im not a huge fan of the series but the films are well loved. They are usually a go too when I need cheering up. 

2. The Hunger games - This is an unexpected love as I thought it wouldn't be for me but my friends convinced me to watch and now Im hooked !

3. Peter Pan - Not the cartoon version (even though I like that too) I love the people version haha, I used to constantly watch it. 

4. School of Rock - I have allllways loved this film ! I once watched it over and over again about 10 times in a day. 

5. Stardust - Such a magical film, I love how its like not a normal fairytale. I think it will be one i will love forever. 

I don't want to go over board so I shall leave it there :) What are your favourite films? Do you have any recommendations. 

A photograph of yourself | 30 Day blogging challenge day 18

Baby me Awhhh.

 A recent photo of me :)

Nothing else to say about this really, Im not a big selfie queen (only when I'm drunkiess). 
Hope everyone enjoys my baby picture ;) I actually have no clothes on under that piny .. how delightful ! And on my 18th birthday cake I had this photo and my backside haha, thanks mum and dad. 

Your favourite blogs | 30 Day blogging challenge day 17

I have lots of favourite blogs !! I shall make a list make sure you give them all a follow :)

I Love all the Hull Bloggers :) 

Courtney  /  Lucy / Mars / Chelsea / Anna / Em

I Loveee Kate ! She is such a great person. I didn't expect to love her as much as I do. I met her at the Hull blogger meet and we have met up a few times since. Her blog is so to the point and she is such a down to earth writer, her posts always make me laugh. Hers is the one blog I always check first to see what she's being writing about! I love how opinionated she can be and I think thats just why I like her. Much Love for Kate ox.

Charley is my event idol. We met as she planned the hull meet up. again we have met up a few times since and now we are planning on organising a meet up together ! Her blog is soo beauty filled she makes me want to buy things! I feel like we have always been friends :) and I hope we are for a very long time oxo.

Again another fabulous Hull blogger. Hannah is hilarious, I love her blog and her funny little posts. Another very down to earth girl who I really admire. She cooked for me which is always a winner in my eyes. She's such a lovely person and deserves more readers of her blog, she is a newbie so show her the love :)

I am sooo envious of Megans photo taking ability! You know when you read a blog and see the photos and think wow your so suave .. thats Megan! Another amazing Hull Blogger who is beautiful inside and out. I am looking forward to attending more meet ups with her in the future and hopefully getting her to just come take all my photos too ! 

I have only met Hayley once but with have chatted so much it doesn't feel that way. She is one of the nicest bloggers I know. I love her blog and I have been reading it of ages now !  I love her dating posts on her blog ! Such a funny read. She is always so helpful and chatty on twitter and is amazing at organising meet ups! Can not wait to get to meet her again in the future. 

Amys blog is always so heart warming. I feel like I just want to hug her after I read some if her posts, her little daughter is the cutest ! I can not wait to meet her at the next meet up I am attending. I have followed her blog for ages so I kinda feel like I know her.

I really like Rebeccas blog its always one I will make sure I read. I find her posts interesting and always something worthwhile reading. I have never met her but I just think she is a lovely blogger and I would love to chat to her more :).

Helens blog is one I have followed for years. Her outfit posts are always beautiful I'm very envious. I love reading her tweets to as they always seems to make me giggle. she has recently being doing a lot of baking posts so I really want to make some of what she has they look deelish. 

I hope you at least check out one of these beautiful bloggers as you will not be disappointed ! They are all amazing and have such great posts. If you have any one to recommend to me please do as I love finding new people to follow :)

Who are your faves??

Thoughts on education | 30 Day blogging challenge day 16

Not sure how to interoperate this so I shall just explain my education so far.

Nursery school
I went to nursery a term early as I was just so clever haha. No I'm not sure why but I just got to go a bit earlier. I went to the nursery school which was attached to my primary school. A lot of my friends I still have today went to nursery with me. I only live in a small area so theres only two local primary schools. I loved nursery and always remember loving the creating stick cut and glue kinda table.

Primary school
I went to Penshurst primary school from reception to year 6. I was the happy child who was friends with everyone. I was always good at design and technology class, RE and history but I hated maths ! when I got to doing my SATS I had to have a math tutor to help me get my grade up. I was always in the top sets just not for maths but I managed to pass it.
I enjoyed primary school I have some amazing memories of all playing together in the snow and christmas, playing 'playground football tournaments' volunteering to work in the school lunch room ! (WHY?) and all that good stuff. Some of my good friends today I met at penshurst and we shall always have that little bond.

High school -Lower. 
My high school was spread across two sites. So year 7 and 8 was at 'lower school'. I think it was just called lower because it was the lower end of a school also when we where at 'upper school' we would call it down the road .. obviously because it was down the road ... I went in to a class with all these other people when I went to high school and met some amazing friends, who are still my friends today. It was strange time in year 7 and 8 because year 7 is spent making new friends, obeying the rules, trying to keep on top of homework, detentions different class rooms. and the you go in to 8 and become the oldest in the school again and you get a bit cocky ! think your cool cause you get detention or wind up the teacher in your class. A bit of a laugh but its not really that clever is it.
I had a few ups and downs, silly girls arguments, mean boys trying to act cool in front of their mates but all in all it was alright :)

High school - upper
So I moved up the road to year 9, 10 and 11. I wasn't a massive fan of school in year 9 I was over it I didn't like my school I wanted to move but I think it was just a phase. My parents where going to move me to private school but the fees where a bit too much and it wasn't really fair on the family to send me. Things changed in year 10 as i got to choose lessons for my gcse's and I met new people though moving different classes. (still hated maths) but enjoyed most of it. For my GCSE's I choose Performing arts (Dance), French, Art and Textiles. I also did maths english x2 science x3 RE, PE, ICT. I didn't get below a C apart from in maths which i had to re-sit 3 times to get a C in the end ! Also at high school I tried to involve myself in things such as being a pear mentor, helping out at Arts week, being in school productions, going on school trips etc really just making the most of every opportunity :)Towards the end of my time at high school my friend group was pretty large and it was so nice that we where all friends together awhhhh ;).

6th form 
I stayed at my high school and continued on to 6th form. I at first choose to study Art, Business, Textiles and Photography but after two weeks I found I hated photography so I changed to do graphic design. I loved 6th form! I used to sit in a big area with all my friends i used to go out clubbing every thursday night and be very hungover the next day ! I loved the 6th form prom and we all went on a big holiday to Kos in Greece. So much fun and so many happy memories. 

University - foundation degree
I only recently blogged about finding out I got in to London college of Fashion so this doesn't need to much detail. I moved to London for the year to study my Access to HE Diploma Fashion. I wanted to do this course because I wasn't exactly sure what area of fashion I liked best (I'm still not sure). I had the craziest year of my life. Met some amazing friends from all over the world. Was taught by amazing people .. one of my tutors also worked for Kenzo, and another was on project catwalk. I did so many fun things and I really loved living there but it was time for a change and I needed to pick the right course.

University - Bsc (Hons) Degree
Finally on to my current studies in Manchester. I study International Fashion Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan and I have just finished my 2nd year. I really love Manchester, I class it as my home. I have such a better 'student life' here especially the social going out drinking side. I feel like it suits me. I really enjoy my course and I think it is preparing me well for actual realistic work. I feel confident in my abilities and believe it will put me on the right path. I have had a lot more opportunities here such as learning a language as part of my course and being involved in University activities! Im still looking for a placement for september however if i don't get one I shall be doing my 3rd and final year :).

I personally think education is really important and I never want to stop learning. Yeah at school I thought learning Biology and Maths where so so dull and pointless and to be honest I still don't feel I will need them in life however everyone has to do it so just get on with it and make the most of everything that comes your way. You will not regret it, you never know doing one thing such as volunteering at school when you are 15 may land you a dream job 10 years later ? All experience is good and worthwhile as by doing it, it may make you realise what you don't want to do ?

I hope you have learnt a little more about me from this post and it may be helpful to you in some way. If not sorry for rambling ;)

A few catch up posts.. | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 13, 14 + 15

**Firstly I have changed my URL .. 
Yayyyy how exciting (No .blogspot)

Very sorry I have missed a few days I have been busy so I thought I would just do them all in one today! I have just restarted my internship so I forgot how sleepy I am after work. Also on friday me and Kate from : went to the pub and got merry (I didn't even drink I was just high on life and got the giggles) so It went down hill from there haha. If you don't read her blog you should because is such a genuine down to earth person and her posts are hilarious :).
So on to the catching up (sorry if its a bit long).

Day 13 - Whats inside your fridge 

The contents of my fridge at home is not interesting at all. Just the usual things, milk, butter, veg, salad various sauces and drinks. Usually a bottle of wine in there and some ice tea. All very thrilling. We do actually have two fridges one is our beer fridge that only contains alcohol (We like to party ;)). 
When I'm away at uni and i have previously had to share a fried I always seemed to have the most stuff on my shelf haha. I much prefer fresh food compared to frozen or tins whatever. 

So yeah how interesting ...
On to the next one :)

Day 14 - 3 Healthy habits 
I am on a bit of a health kick at the moment.. I'm doing my best :)

1. Green tea / water - Hi I live a really healthy life where I drink this a llll the time (NOT). I really try to and I think its quiet important to drink as much water as you can :)

2. Excersize - at least 3 times a week.  I have a gym membership and me and my friend go to boot camp on a local field once a week! It is sooo hard! I ache so badly after it but it must being doing good?

3. Watch what you eat - when you actually think about what you are eating it seems to make you not eat as much crap ! If you think you are you should start recording it by writing it down. it really makes you think and make the right choices ! It doesn't ALWAYS have to be healthy :)

Day 15 - Where will you be in 5 years time.
This question seems to be a popular interview question as of late! I quiet like it cause it makes you think what you want in the future. So in 5 years time i will be 26 .. oh wow that seems mature ! I would like to think me and Darren have bought our first home and we at least have a pet ! (NOT A CHILD). I will have finished uni and then maybe have done a masters so I should hope after 6 years of University studies I shall maybe get a full time job into something that I love. It will be in fashion but I'm not 100% sure which area as I love all aspects and I'm too indecisive to choose just one job!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Married, Baby, divorced? You never know.

Hopefully my posts shall resume back to normal now :)

Favourite Childhood book | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 12

I love reading so so much, once I get in to a book I find it really hard to put it down so I actually tend to read them very quickly  Especially on holiday .. I read at least 3 in the week ! Any way back to the post (got to always have a ramble) 
When I was little my mum bought me all the beatatrix potter books when I was born and I always had them in my room as a child, they where always very special too me and I still have them somewhere.

My favourite books though was the Jaquline Wilson ones. I have read every single one of them .. well until i was about 15 so any after then I haven't haha. But yeah they where always my favourite, I think they taught you life lessons you need to know as a teenager and are real life situations so you can put your self in to the shoes of the character. I used to love it when a new one would be realised !

Sorry this seems like a slightly boring post :( I don't really know what else to say about it. Lets look forward to tomorrow instead !!

10 favourite foods! | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 11

If you follow me on Pinterest you will know my 'yummy board' is probably my most pinned ! I love food and I really enjoy cooking. If any one recommends exciting recipes definitely send them my way ! I will come cook for you if you provide ingredients ;).

1. Potatoes - I love potatoes  so so much I would eat them with every meal if I could !! Cooked I any form they are my fave.

2. Mexican food - my favourite cuisine for sure. Nachos <3

3. Sweet & sour chicken - always been a firm favourite of mine.

4. Pomegranate, raspberry and mango flavoured anything !!

5. Spanish tapas - mine and the boyf fave.

6. Spinich / kale / avocado - love these little additions to a meal but not blended and Yakky.

7. Hoi sin / plum sauce - with stir fry or Chinese duck and pancakes

8. Cheese ! I Love Cheese !! Especially if it's with a chutney.

9. Salted caramel - OH MY GOD

10. Sea food - I always order seafood from any restaurant. It's my go to dish especially if it has prawns in.

While on the subject of food, Im am working with a company in Hull who are running Yum Food Festival (similar to my Hull Fashion Week job). We are looking for foodie bloggers to get involved ! 
If you would like to be involved please email me:
Twitter: @yumfoodfest

Hope to hear from a few of you :)

Best Trip of your life | 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 10

I am really fortune to be able to say I have been able to travel to a lot of places. My parents LOVE to go on holiday and especially the past 7/8 years I have travelled to some amazing places and had some amazing experiences that are irreplaceable.

I have also had the opportunity to travel when I was at High school and university. I feel that learning about different cultures, the way other people live, work, eat is valuble knowledge that you cannt learn in a class room !
When at school they always used to say that parents shouldn’t take children out of school for holidays and yes fair enough school is more important than a trip to butlins or something but if you have the opportunity to go some where like Africa im sure you will learn a lot more their then you will in a dull classroom for a week ! 

If you are presented with any possible opportunity to travel DO IT ! Go have fun, learn, experience & create memories.

There is no way I can pick one trip that has been the best as each time I travel I love it just as much as the last time. When thinking about this post I tried to remember every country I have been to so I thought I would list them & include photos.

– 3 times with school Skiing


– Malaga too many times to count, Magaluff x2, Menorca, 1 time with school.


– Kos for a big party holiday, all my 6th form friends.

- For my cousins wedding

South Africa 
– x4 Various places within

– Twice to areas I can not remember and twice to Paris

– x2 on the ferry

- On the ferry




- New York


(sorry I can not find any photos for these)
– On a school trip
– Once and just booked to go again
Canery Islands
 – Gran caneria x2
 – Marmaris x2
Dominican Republic

I don't think I have forgotten anywhere ! 
I really want to go to Morocco, Australia, Miami and Thailand !

Where have you been travelling too? 
Any where you would recommend?