Park Street Fashion Show | Hull Fashion Week 2014


Yesterday I went along to the Park Street Fashion Show at St Stephens as part of Hull Fashion Week. The students from Park Street college were commissioned by Barclays bank to create an outfit each with 'Style on a budget' theme. They were allocated a set amount of money to create a look inspired by current trends. This set off the idea for the catwalk, each student also showcased their own designs including a little black dress, a jacket and an outfit inspired by structural design.

photo 2

I was so impressed with each garment the students had made, so much detail and precision in each one. The models were also styled with hair and makeup to finish off their look. The catwalk itself presented by one of the students - Alex, who was extremely fashionable I must say was very fun and innovative. Each model travelled up and down the escalator while Alex spoke about the designs. The style on a budget section was last, the 5 students involved individually spoke about their outfit and said how long it took to put together and why they choose their trend. The audience then had to vote on the cost of each outfit with an arrow saying if it was more or less that £50. it was a very mixed vote on all outfits however everyone was very shocked to hear the students are only given £20 each! They defiantly did well for their money.


Over all I was very impressed with all the designs and styling from the students and I feel we must keep an eye out in the future for them as they defiantly have talent ! Good luck and best wishes for the future to them all and a HUGE well done for what you have achieved so far. You can see more photos on the Hull Fashion Week Facebook page:

Also this post is on the Hull Fashion Week blog:


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