New Look | Haul #6

So I did a bit of shopping (once again) the other day and I found sooo much I liked in New Look! I have such a love/hate relationship with Newlook. I will see things on the website then they look crappy in the shop. Or I go in the shop and find NOTHING so I don't go in for ages! I was in a Little village called Beverley (which is actually the place I was born) and they don't have that many 'Fashion shops' so I didn't have a lot to choose from ! Any way went in and instantly liked four different items ! which is very rare for me to pick up that many things in one shop.  So this is what I bought :). I shall link them to the website if they are available.

(sorry the colour is off here, not sure why)

Crochet vest top // £12.99

Have New Look upped their game for summer?
What do you think?


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