Instagram month | April

Me & My flatmate Laura // Me & my dad waiting to go on a helicopter ride // My car and my amazing parking // I'm working with Hull Fashion Week ;)

Me & my brother in Leeds and us when we was little // My doggy - with his seatbelt on in my car!

Me & the boyf // Chilling in our matching Ralph Lauren Pj's // I want one of these little houses // Selfie 

Hull is where the heart is Tee // Present from the fan // Fashion Week Tee selfie // Girls night out 

Had such a fun night. Apologies for the lack of insta month.. I don't even have any excuse not too ! 
Hope everyone enjoyed April :) 

Much Love ox.

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  1. I'm not present on your Instagram nor are you present on mine. This is not acceptable! Loving the little house though, very chic xx


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