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homewear haul - Candles

As you may know I am moving in with my boyfriend this summer. We have been together 5 whole years now and have finally decided it might be time. I am way to over excited! And obviously I have been buying exciting things to put in our home :).  We won't be moving till like august time but I think it is better to buy things as I see them as I may not be able to find them when I look nearer the time. I have lots of lovely items to show you all but I have decided to split it up as if not it will be photo overload !! So part one is all about candles! Note that I have been buying things over the past few months not all together !!

Lily- Flame // Room Mist - Fairy dust
I picked up this room mist in a cute little store in Leeds I absolutely love the lily flame range and I am hoping to collect a few more of my favourite scents when I see them around :)
This smells like Palma Violets (You know the sweets) its fresh and sweet and I feel like it will instantly mask any smells so it shall probably be going in the bathroom to freshen it up now and again :), especially living with a stinky boy (Sorry Darren :P)

Lily Flame // Rhubarb!(and, of course Custard!!)
How pretty is this candle !! All the range look like this with little bright lumps in the candle !! agh so amazing ;) This smells incredible if you like rhubarb and custard you will love this! Its officially my favourite candle in this haul and as I said before i am going to buy more in this range. Not sure where it will live in my house. Possibly the living room or my bedroom as it is my fave ;)
This was bought in Debenhams for £8.50

 Olivia Blake London // Lime Blossom & Basil
This is a really nice fresh scent that I feel will be really nice in the kitchen. I don't usually go for this type of scent but the box just drew me in and I couldn't put it down! I bought it in TKMax for £6.99 and the RRP was £25 !! So i decided it was too much of a bargain not too. I was unable to find this any where online sorry guys keep your eyes out in TKMax ;)

Card Factory // Life is Beautifull candle

Yes from the card factory .. How random. I just was their picking up some last min cards that i needed and I found this candle. I liked the little quote on the front I thought it was quiet cute and it actually smells sooo good, like a creamy vanilla scent. Surprising as it was only £1.99 !! again massive bargain. Not sure what it shall burn like but its still a nice little candle either way. Again not sure where I would but this one maybe kitchen or living room :)

Matalan // Mango & Mandarin
I love the candles in matalan I have had a few before. The scent is really strong and they are such nice vibrant colours. This one is really fruity and a lovely strong scent I feel this would be nice in the garden .. I know that sounds funny but you know on those light nights you sit in the garden but you still want a bit of fresh scent ;) or in the living room in the daytime.
This was SUCH a bargain ! It was only £3 !! how amazing .. get yourself there.

Hope you liked part one of the haul. Yes I'm pretty sure I will keep buying more and more candles until my house is overrun with them :)

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