30 Day Blogging Challenge | June

I have never done a blog challenge ! I always try the monthly ones on Instagram but I seem to give up after a few days. I also tried in December with a bit of a 'count down to christmas' but I didn't manage everyday but now as I have nothing else to do all day Im going to give this a try ! It cannot be too hard surly !! I'm excited to have a go and see if I can complete it 
Let me know if you are doing this too! I think it can be quiet fun. Also its a good way to get to know me more :)
It starts tomorrow wish me luck .ox
(My beauty picks series may go on hold for a little while, Sorry!)


  1. I shall be cheering you both on on the sidelines... or the poolside as I said to Kate on her blog... either way it sounds fab!

    Curling Stones for Lego People

  2. Excited that you've taken up the challenge. Look forward to following along with your posts.



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