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I love this tag! I think its just because I'm so nosey so i thought I would do it myself. When i emptied my bag out i was surprised how it didn't have random wrappers, receipts sweets etc in the bottom ! I must be doing well at the moment to not be messy! I did however find a back of an earring but decided not to photograph that ;)
I also have my phone generally in my bag. It is the iPhone 5 and its has a lovely mint cover on it with a little cut out heart around the camera and flower around the apple ! I bought it on Ebay for less than £2 such a bargain, You can find it Here if you want to have a look :)
So on too the bag...

Vivienne Westwood St Paul Handbag
A very recent purchase. Its not very often I make a quick decision about buying something this expensive however as soon as I saw this I knew I had to buy it. Im not sure why I was just really drawn to it and I just bought it without thinking twice. 
I love the quality of the of the leather and the beautiful striped lining and in my opinion very good value for money. It is a perfect size for a daily hand bag for me. Everything fits in neatly so it stops me throwing extra rubbish in there that is not needed ! I bought this bag in the Leeds store but it is available online Here too. 

House keys complete with Unicorn keyring 
My mum gave me these keys as i have only just moved back home, Really not sure where the keyring is from :S

Flat Keys, Car key and various key rings.
I Have a 21st keyring from my little cousins, a Keep Calm & Eat cupcakes keyring which my mum sent me in the post when i lived in London ands a photo keyring that I got in BCM nightclub in Magaluf.

Baby Lips DR Rescue lip balm 
Bought in NewYork it is my favourite lip balm and i always have it in my bag. 

Mac Pink Nouveau lipstick.
A recent purchase that has not left my hand bag since the day I Bought it. Available Here !

Loose change
Why is there always pennies in the bottom of your bag?

Ipod Ear phones 
Always tangled ! I often use my earphones when I'm talking on the phone and walking so my hand don't ache holding my phone ;)

Little box of pills
these are just Calms tablets and hair growth tablets the bottles are too big to carry around so i just pop them in here.

Rail Card 
Its currently in my bag so I don't forget it on my next rail journey I tend to leave it in a draw. 

I LOVE my glasses case , cutie little pug face! My mum bought me it in a little shop close to where we live ! My glasses are from Lipsy. 

Vivienne Westwood Purse
I have had this purse now for three years and its still going strong ! I would defiantly recommend the investment. it has so many handy little compartments and its such good quality leather. 

iPad Mini with Orange flip case.
I Love my iPad mini ! Even though its only a Wifi one I do tend to still carry it around just incase. I bought this case on Ebay so much cheaper than the apple ones and practically the same thing.

I hope you liked having a nosey in to my bag!
Who else has done this Tag?

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  1. That bag is beautiful! Great post :-)




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