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So I have two little stories for you as to why I have ended up with 5 new Mac products this week. I shall try not to ramble as always ...

1. If you saw my London shopping haul you will see I bought Impassioned lipstick from Mac its such a pretty colour and its really long lasting. I had been using it none stop and i go to use it one day glide it on and it feels really rough ! I look and see there is something actually stuck in the lipstick !! really bazaar but i managed to tweeze it and and see it was like a really tiny bit of like grit ?  after feeling very confused i decided to email mac and make a little complaint as i didn't want to pay £15 for something that now had a hole in. They got back to me pretty quick and asked if i could send them the lipstick for testing. They sent me a pre paid bag in the post so i could send it back and also offered for me to pick two new products !! Such a lovely offer and i was not expecting that at all. 

So I choose a replacement lipstick (same colour) and then a nice soft pink blush in the colour Fleur. these arrived really quick too so I was dead happy :D. 

2. Story no.2 lol. Most people know about Back 2 Mac .. but incase you don't i will explain.. If you save 6 empty mac products you are able to take them back to any mac counter so give to them and in return you can have a lipstick free of charge in return ! So i finally had 6 empties so I choose a lipstick in the colour pink nouveau. 
Whilst at the mac counter I also choose a eyeshadow and a lip liner! So after all the ramble now for the pics ..

Hope you liked this haul ! 
Let me know if you would like individual reviews !!



    The lighter lipstick is beautiful!!!

    Wish I could afford all this!
    So glad you went to mac to let them know about the problem - its always my advice to people, most companies are brill are sending out replacements!


  2. I love how MAC do that free lipstick thing its such a good idea! I always forget to keep my empty products though X

  3. The eyeshadow is such a pretty colour! Definitely have to check it out


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