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Hello everyone, 
I can not believe I'm only just getting round to writing up this post ! A few weekends a go i went to a blogger meet in my home city of Hull! I was unbelievably excited to hear that some thing blogger related was happening Hull as to be honest not a lot goes on there (Well not until recently lol). Im pretty sure i heard about it on Twitter but i cannot actually remember.. any way the Amazing Charley from .. was the organiser and she did a fab job !!
So as you may know I'm currently living in Manchester so I travelled back home on the friday and then the meet up was on the saturday afternoon. My mum gave me a lift to the venue which was The english muse on Newland avenue. I often go to that area for lunch and drinks as it was some great little cafes and restaurants but I had not actually heard about it before so i was excited to try it out. 
When i arrived i couldn't see a group of girlies so i was a bit worried I wasn't in the right place but one of the waitresses told me i need to be up stairs ! I was greeted by Charley and introduced myself. we all ordered drinks.. I had some form of Apple ice tea ! It was so nice !! Once everyone had arrived we all went around and introduced our selves and our blogs and had a bit of a general chat. 
charley then went on to give us these AMAZINGGG goodie bags which where jam packed full of goodies ! It was so overwhelming she had done such a good job contacted PRs and companies. I have already started using a few bits so i shall have to review soon. Then we all choose a raffle ticket and we had a little raffle with some of the bigger things charley was sent.. turns out she had something for each of us which i thought was so lovely. I received a glossy box which was really good because i haven't tried one before :). We then carried on having a blog related chat which was great to actually chat with people who are interested in the same thing as you. after a few hours passed i was soo hungry and i was meeting my mum for lunch so i had to leave a bit early. 
I had a great time and met some lovely people and i am already looking forward to seeing the hull bloggers again !! 
Everyones link is below who i met. 
&& here is a few photos..

 Some awful quality photos of when i was actually there. I very sorry this is flattering no one and does not do the venue justice as it was really cute in our little room.

In my glossy box.

All the other bits in the goodie bag..

All the bloggers ..

Thank you once again charley for being an amazing host and organiser, can not wait to see all you lovelies again ! 


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