A few new beauty bits&bobs | Haul #5 & Reviews.

I picked up a few different bits and bobs recently so i thought i would share my initial thoughts about them with you all :).

Loréal paris // New Skin perfection - Radiance revealing gentle exfoliator.
For smooth radiant skin, refines skin surface, reveals smoother brighter looking skin
Removes makeup and impurities and reveals a better skin surface.

- So far I have only used this twice, I Love the smell of it and the texture on your skin and I think it will live up to what it states. It foams up nicely and doesn't leave your skin feeling too tight like other exfoliaters can. 

Loréal paris // New Skin perfection - Velvety-soft toner. 
Removes impurities, reveals toned and silky smooth skin and suitable for sensitive skin 
Removes makeup and impurities and reveals a better skin texture.

- I love this toner ! I previously didn't use a toner, i did use a 2 in 1 tone and cleanse but due to the Loréal products being on offer i thought i may as well pick one up and try it out. Im really enjoying using and its lasting me so well. I have had it over a week using it twice a day and it looks brand new! Such good value for money. 

Loréal paris // Triple active Night - hydrating night moisturiser. 
Hydrates, protects and restores and is for all skin types 
More suppleness and comfort in the morning skin looks rested fresh and more luminous. 

- I have only used this once of twice but again love how it mass my skin feel in the morning so looking forward to carrying on with this one.

Boots // Natural collection eye shadows - Willow & Sea shell

- Love these natal colours, thought they would be great for an everyday use. Obviously amazing value for money being less than £2 each! 

Avon // Advanced Techniques - moroccan argon oil - mask

For all hair types, intensive moisture and shine treatment. 

- I haven't used this yet, i found it in a cupboard yesterday so I'm going to try it out and maybe do a review :).

Benefit // Bigger than BB - Big easy - liquid to powder SPF 35. // Shade - 03 light/medium 
Multi balancing complexion perfecter, light weight and smooth. 

- I was sucked in to by this by the benefit counter lady, she was so nice i couldn't say no. I think this will be good on good skin days when you want to just wear minimal coverage. I have only tried it in store but I liked the finished result when trying it.

Benefit // Gimme brow - brow volumizing fiber gel // Shade- light/medium
Brush on fibre gel adheres to skin and hairs for fuller looking brows, long lasting and natural looking. 

- Again the lady made me buy it// :( guilty lol. I didn't need this but agh well it will be used. I have tried it out the other night but i found it hard to make my brows look even.. maybe i need more practise. I don't feel this product is really essential. 

Benefit samples//
Fake up - hydrating crewe control concealer 
Hello flawless oxgen wow - brightening makeup
Total moisture - facial creme 
Its potent - eye creme 
Triple performing - facial emulsion 

- I was given a few samples to try out which is great !

I think I may do a regular post something like 'sample sunday' where i try a sample and give it a little review.. what do you think?

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  1. I need to check out Big Easy by Benefit - I've not actually looked at it in store yet - you got some great samples though - I love that eye cream especially if you keep it cold!!



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