Fashion on the silver screen | Hull Fashion Week 2014

Here is my post which is on the Hull Fashion Week blog ... 

Last night was the preview of 'The Other Woman', at Vue cinema, Princes Quay. Viking FM gave away tickets to this event on the radio and around Princes Quay to raise money for their Cash for Kids charity. The theme was ‘Fashion on The Silver Screen’ so the event was very glamorous. We had our own section to queue and received free drinks, snacks and popcorn and the first 15 arrivals where able to sit in the priority seats. I was there taking photos of all the lovely people in the queue holding up our Fashion Week sign, so if you was snapped your photo is now on our Facebook Page, 


The Cash for Kids charity team were selling raffle tickets to people in the queue and managed to raise £150 and the cinema viewers won some great raffle prizes including Soap & Glory and Lush products. Once entering the screen we headed down the red carpet and was snapped by the paparazzi before heading in to the screen.
Sean from Viking Fm then announced the raffle and the winners collected their prizes and Sean encouraged the audience to text ‘Viking to 70070 to donate £5 to Cash for Kids again the same as the previous night.

It was then film time, the film was the new Cameron Diaz film 'The Other Woman'. It was really funny and had the whole cinema screaming with laughter ! I would definitely recommend seeing it.
It was a really fun night and i was glad to be a part of it. Well done to Cash for Kids and Viking FM for again raising another £150 for the charity. We had a fab night, thank you to everyone who came along and everyone who was involved. Make sure you tag yourself in our photos on Facebook. We hope to see you all at our other events throughout Hull Fashion Week.  


There will be more to come over the next few days as i am attending all the events. Im so excited to be apart of it and have the chance to blog all about it !     


Day out in the SunShine | #OOTD 10

Jumper // Next 
Trousers // Matalan 
Bag // Primark 
Shoes // Converse
Sunglasses // Stella McCartney 

It was lovely and sunny the other day in my home village of Hessle so me and the boyfriend took my dog for a walk to Foreshore, its not a beach its a river with a shore, its always a nice view and especially in the sun  ! Its only a few minutes from my house too.  We had a stroll and an ice creme and I felt it was a great photo opportunity. Darren is turning in to the best OOTD photographer, I may employ him full time ;). 
Also how cute are the little houses. We want one for a little holiday home !

Whats in My Bag |Tag

I love this tag! I think its just because I'm so nosey so i thought I would do it myself. When i emptied my bag out i was surprised how it didn't have random wrappers, receipts sweets etc in the bottom ! I must be doing well at the moment to not be messy! I did however find a back of an earring but decided not to photograph that ;)
I also have my phone generally in my bag. It is the iPhone 5 and its has a lovely mint cover on it with a little cut out heart around the camera and flower around the apple ! I bought it on Ebay for less than £2 such a bargain, You can find it Here if you want to have a look :)
So on too the bag...

Vivienne Westwood St Paul Handbag
A very recent purchase. Its not very often I make a quick decision about buying something this expensive however as soon as I saw this I knew I had to buy it. Im not sure why I was just really drawn to it and I just bought it without thinking twice. 
I love the quality of the of the leather and the beautiful striped lining and in my opinion very good value for money. It is a perfect size for a daily hand bag for me. Everything fits in neatly so it stops me throwing extra rubbish in there that is not needed ! I bought this bag in the Leeds store but it is available online Here too. 

House keys complete with Unicorn keyring 
My mum gave me these keys as i have only just moved back home, Really not sure where the keyring is from :S

Flat Keys, Car key and various key rings.
I Have a 21st keyring from my little cousins, a Keep Calm & Eat cupcakes keyring which my mum sent me in the post when i lived in London ands a photo keyring that I got in BCM nightclub in Magaluf.

Baby Lips DR Rescue lip balm 
Bought in NewYork it is my favourite lip balm and i always have it in my bag. 

Mac Pink Nouveau lipstick.
A recent purchase that has not left my hand bag since the day I Bought it. Available Here !

Loose change
Why is there always pennies in the bottom of your bag?

Ipod Ear phones 
Always tangled ! I often use my earphones when I'm talking on the phone and walking so my hand don't ache holding my phone ;)

Little box of pills
these are just Calms tablets and hair growth tablets the bottles are too big to carry around so i just pop them in here.

Rail Card 
Its currently in my bag so I don't forget it on my next rail journey I tend to leave it in a draw. 

I LOVE my glasses case , cutie little pug face! My mum bought me it in a little shop close to where we live ! My glasses are from Lipsy. 

Vivienne Westwood Purse
I have had this purse now for three years and its still going strong ! I would defiantly recommend the investment. it has so many handy little compartments and its such good quality leather. 

iPad Mini with Orange flip case.
I Love my iPad mini ! Even though its only a Wifi one I do tend to still carry it around just incase. I bought this case on Ebay so much cheaper than the apple ones and practically the same thing.

I hope you liked having a nosey in to my bag!
Who else has done this Tag?

Current High Street Favourites | Beauty

Considering I haven't done a monthly favourites i thought i would do a quick post about which High street beauty products I'm loving :)

Rimmel // Wake me up foundation 
Shade: classic beige

I love the finish of this foundation, It is a good coverage and I find myself reaching for it over my higher priced foundations ! 

Rimmel // Stay Matte pressed powder 
Shade: Silky beige

Again I love the finish of this, it works really well with the wake me up foundation. I use it daily and I feel it lasts so well throughout the day, and you don't really have to top up much throughout the day.

Collection //  lasting perfection concealer 
Shade: Cool Medium 

I know everyone raves about this so so much and I'm glad i have finally purchased it as it is amazing! If you don't already own this who are you ! Go to your local boots NOWWW ;)

Natural Collection // lash care mascara
Sade: Clear 

I use this on my brows to keep them in place. Such a cheap product and works really well and Im using it more than ever at the moment.

Tanya Burr // Nail polish 
Shade: Be Right, Be Happy, Be You

A recent purchase from the Tanya Burr collection! It was the only colour available in the store I was in so i just picked it up and its sooo pretty its on my fingers and toes. Nice and bright in the sunshine.

What are your favourites at the moment?

Blogger Love | Tag

I saw this tag floating around and I haven't done one in a while so I thought why not... It was quiet hard to just find one or two answers for some of the questions so a few have .. a few ;) ! If you have done this tag let me know, its a great way of finding new blogs ! 

 What was the first blog you ever came across? - Victoria,

Favourite Beauty Reads

Favourite Lifestyle Reads

Favourite Fashion Reads

Best Blogging friend 
I have found a few new bloggy friends recently for example..

Name the blogs that enable your purchases

Seven blogs everyone should be reading! 

Name your favourite way to read blogs! 
Bloglovin or just on whichever platform they host.

What's your favourite way to discover new blogs?
recently it has been going to meet ups, but also on twitter chats or Facebook groups.

Which bloggers that inspire you?

Your favourite blog design/look?

Nice clean and simple that shows personality.

What is your favourite thing about blogging? 

Meeting new people who are on the same wave length as you, being able to buy a million new products and have an excuse ;)
 and exciting opportunities. 

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future! 
Louise !! -

Hull Fashion Week 2014 | Internship

This week I Have been interning at Sowden & Sowden infinite marketing solutions company based in my home village of Hessle. 

This year they are organising Hull Fashion Week 2014. I have never been to a Hull Fashion Week before as i am usually away at uni this time of year but since i am home i thought it would be fun to be involved with Fashion related events within my own city ! Nothing 'Fashionable' ever happens in Hull so I was really keen to have my input. 

This week I have been updating the website, creating posts for social media amongst other bits and pieces. Im so excited to say I have been able to help with things such as this as it is actually the career I am wanting to go in to after uni ! 

So if you live in Hull / Yorkshire you should really get yourself to Hull City centre 26th April - 3rd May and get involved with all the Free events that are going on :). Theres Catwalk shows, market stalls, competitions and loads of discounts and freebies! 
You can read about everything thats going on   on the newly updated website:

Also go and like all the social media to see posts from me over the past few days ;)

Twitter : HullFashionWeek
Facebook: /HullFashionWeek
Instagram: /HullFashionWeek

I have loved gaining experience here and I hope I can do it again soon!
Check back for more posts during the event :)
Also let me know if your going along!

A few new beauty bits&bobs | Haul #5 & Reviews.

I picked up a few different bits and bobs recently so i thought i would share my initial thoughts about them with you all :).

Loréal paris // New Skin perfection - Radiance revealing gentle exfoliator.
For smooth radiant skin, refines skin surface, reveals smoother brighter looking skin
Removes makeup and impurities and reveals a better skin surface.

- So far I have only used this twice, I Love the smell of it and the texture on your skin and I think it will live up to what it states. It foams up nicely and doesn't leave your skin feeling too tight like other exfoliaters can. 

Loréal paris // New Skin perfection - Velvety-soft toner. 
Removes impurities, reveals toned and silky smooth skin and suitable for sensitive skin 
Removes makeup and impurities and reveals a better skin texture.

- I love this toner ! I previously didn't use a toner, i did use a 2 in 1 tone and cleanse but due to the Loréal products being on offer i thought i may as well pick one up and try it out. Im really enjoying using and its lasting me so well. I have had it over a week using it twice a day and it looks brand new! Such good value for money. 

Loréal paris // Triple active Night - hydrating night moisturiser. 
Hydrates, protects and restores and is for all skin types 
More suppleness and comfort in the morning skin looks rested fresh and more luminous. 

- I have only used this once of twice but again love how it mass my skin feel in the morning so looking forward to carrying on with this one.

Boots // Natural collection eye shadows - Willow & Sea shell

- Love these natal colours, thought they would be great for an everyday use. Obviously amazing value for money being less than £2 each! 

Avon // Advanced Techniques - moroccan argon oil - mask

For all hair types, intensive moisture and shine treatment. 

- I haven't used this yet, i found it in a cupboard yesterday so I'm going to try it out and maybe do a review :).

Benefit // Bigger than BB - Big easy - liquid to powder SPF 35. // Shade - 03 light/medium 
Multi balancing complexion perfecter, light weight and smooth. 

- I was sucked in to by this by the benefit counter lady, she was so nice i couldn't say no. I think this will be good on good skin days when you want to just wear minimal coverage. I have only tried it in store but I liked the finished result when trying it.

Benefit // Gimme brow - brow volumizing fiber gel // Shade- light/medium
Brush on fibre gel adheres to skin and hairs for fuller looking brows, long lasting and natural looking. 

- Again the lady made me buy it// :( guilty lol. I didn't need this but agh well it will be used. I have tried it out the other night but i found it hard to make my brows look even.. maybe i need more practise. I don't feel this product is really essential. 

Benefit samples//
Fake up - hydrating crewe control concealer 
Hello flawless oxgen wow - brightening makeup
Total moisture - facial creme 
Its potent - eye creme 
Triple performing - facial emulsion 

- I was given a few samples to try out which is great !

I think I may do a regular post something like 'sample sunday' where i try a sample and give it a little review.. what do you think?

Blogger Meet | Hull The English Muse

Hello everyone, 
I can not believe I'm only just getting round to writing up this post ! A few weekends a go i went to a blogger meet in my home city of Hull! I was unbelievably excited to hear that some thing blogger related was happening Hull as to be honest not a lot goes on there (Well not until recently lol). Im pretty sure i heard about it on Twitter but i cannot actually remember.. any way the Amazing Charley from .. was the organiser and she did a fab job !!
So as you may know I'm currently living in Manchester so I travelled back home on the friday and then the meet up was on the saturday afternoon. My mum gave me a lift to the venue which was The english muse on Newland avenue. I often go to that area for lunch and drinks as it was some great little cafes and restaurants but I had not actually heard about it before so i was excited to try it out. 
When i arrived i couldn't see a group of girlies so i was a bit worried I wasn't in the right place but one of the waitresses told me i need to be up stairs ! I was greeted by Charley and introduced myself. we all ordered drinks.. I had some form of Apple ice tea ! It was so nice !! Once everyone had arrived we all went around and introduced our selves and our blogs and had a bit of a general chat. 
charley then went on to give us these AMAZINGGG goodie bags which where jam packed full of goodies ! It was so overwhelming she had done such a good job contacted PRs and companies. I have already started using a few bits so i shall have to review soon. Then we all choose a raffle ticket and we had a little raffle with some of the bigger things charley was sent.. turns out she had something for each of us which i thought was so lovely. I received a glossy box which was really good because i haven't tried one before :). We then carried on having a blog related chat which was great to actually chat with people who are interested in the same thing as you. after a few hours passed i was soo hungry and i was meeting my mum for lunch so i had to leave a bit early. 
I had a great time and met some lovely people and i am already looking forward to seeing the hull bloggers again !! 
Everyones link is below who i met. 
&& here is a few photos..

 Some awful quality photos of when i was actually there. I very sorry this is flattering no one and does not do the venue justice as it was really cute in our little room.

In my glossy box.

All the other bits in the goodie bag..

All the bloggers ..

Thank you once again charley for being an amazing host and organiser, can not wait to see all you lovelies again !