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Home accessories wish list

All items on my wish list can be found here :)

Im hoping to move homes once again soon to actually move in with my boyfriend after being together for five whole year we have finally decided we are quiet grown up now so its about time ;). Naturally the most exciting part os buying new house hold items. so heres my little wish list of cute things. We both have a lot of our own things but we want to get rid of our old things now and buy nice new and sparkly ! I want everything to be bright coloured and fun and he's more minimal solo not sure how he feels about my choices lol. I have already bought four of these items ! 
The LOVE mug, The coffee sugar and tea tins with the cake biscuits and sweets tins to match and the pink scales ! i Love the mat so i hope i can pick that up closer to the time when we actually move in. 

If any one has seen any cute house hold items or knows of any good sites i can browse let me know ! 
Hope you like this style of post ? Bit different for mee. 

Also Thank you for everyone who entered my giveaway ! anddd hello new followers :)


  1. Oh I remember this time so so well!!
    My only advice is buy now...because once youve moved in you need to spend SO much money that cute house things go out of the window!
    Luckily I bought a load of cute house things way in advance so we didnt have to think about it // I wasnt told off with how much I'd spent when we moved and were crying over the price of furniture purchases!

    Good luck moving in too :)


  2. I can't wait to move in to my own house and buy lots of cute bits and pieces like on your wishlist! I think I will be heading straight to TK Maxx when I move out! xx

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